Clemson Admissions-Class of 2026

So my brother sent in his application. Starting a class of 2026 thread for questions and comments on the entire process.


Sent in last week. Is next step Clemson sending an email with portal info?

Yes…same for all colleges. Some send portal info quicker than others. Good luck!! Mind sharing stats?

Thanks! One B -lots of AP, top 5 percent 32 ACT oos 4 year varsity sport

Best of luck!!!


My daughter submitted on the 3rd. A reach for her with direct admit nursing but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Good luck all!

did she submit SAT

BTW - my brother submitted 8/4 - his common app still says “submitted” not “dowloaded by college”…was hers downloaded yet?

She did not submit scores, no. None of her applications have been “downloaded by college” except Penn State.

ok. Thanks! same for him…just FSU.

Good luck to her.

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Is Clemson rolling admissions?

not “typical rolling” but some high stats students hear back sooner than others.

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Oh, like we don’t even need to review beyond your GPA and test score (top 25% of admits)? You’re in!

Last year’s common data set revealed:
SAT range of 1240-1400
ACT range of 27-32
Average grades of 4.43 (is that with 1 pt extra for AP/IB and 0.5 more for honors/pre-AP?) – quite high

42% of freshmen are from OOS vs. 40% at USC but SC seems more generous with OOS merit…guess that explains ranking difference. Similar # go Greek – 15% of males and 37% females at USC and 14% of males and 34% of females at Clemson. It’s interesting that there’s a 20%+ delta between males and females going Greek.

Does anyone know when Clemson will send the email with the portal info?

They send it a few weeks after they receive your application. My brother submitted first week of Aug and got his portal last week.

Ugh. She submitted her application on August 1st and we still haven’t received it. She used the common app though and Clemson didn’t download it until around the 13th or 14th so maybe that’s the hold up?

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Give it a few days - then she can contact admissions and ask. My brother never heard back from FSU - they had his account crossed with a totally different email (not the email on the common app) They fixed it immediately.

Ps check spam folder

Sometimes auto generated emails from colleges get automatically filtered to the Spam/Junk folder, so try checking there first


We found it in her spam folder. I don’t know why we didn’t think to look there. Thanks everyone!

great - check your spams for every college!