Clemson Admissions-Class of 2026

I think they go by transcript sent in from 9-11 unless you or the counselor resubmit a transcript after this semester

My OOS son’s stats are different 3.6, 34 ACT, varsity, NHS, Eagle Scout. Radio silent on this end. This info is making me nervous. Good luck to you all!


My son is a sophomore at Clemson. After HS graduation, Clemson requires a final transcript be submitted.

Thanks. I know they will want a final transcript. It’s not like he’s failing anything but his grades have taken a dip since he applied. He had a 3.8 UW going into this year.

Clemson did not require any mid-year transcript for my son who is at Clemson. I don’t think a drop in grades during senior year will impact Clemson’s acceptance decisions unless the drop is dramatic. Just my two cents:)


Don’t be worried!! It’s only a select amount of applicants (about 15%) that hear early. There are a million reasons someone wouldn’t hear early and it’s by no means an indication of rejection.


D was accepted for Fall/Business. Since you have a current student, would you be so kind as to provide any info regarding how Covid may have impacted Clemson’s campus? We have a tour scheduled in April. Were/are there any dining halls shut down or hours restricted due to lack of employees? Has there been a change in the food at the dining halls (i.e. certain stations or takeout options gone)? Has your S had trouble finding dining services open that fit with his schedule, or that the meal plans are the same money but have fewer options now? Has it been difficult to get an appointment at student health services for your S or any friends? Filling prescriptions? Being seen at CAPS? Getting into the rec center to work out? Has there been push back from students regarding masking in class, etc.? I’m reading many schools had or are having some of the above issues. It’s a lot of questions, and any info you have gleaned from your S’s experience at Clemson would be really appreciated!!

My daughter is a freshman. There wasn’t consistent mask westing in classrooms last semester but it’s supposed to be this semester. No issues with dining, gyms, it got a big hard to been seen at the medical center around the holidays but I think every student tested positive - for flu! Everyone gets tested weekly, if positive and OOS 5 days at the quarantine hotel (used to be 10). My daughter rushed and pledged last semester, everything was normal. She is having the time of her life!


Thank you!

D20 hasn’t had any issues; a couple clubs are still meeting online, but I think it’s more attributable to members being introverts and wanting to meet online :joy: There was more of an impact on dining from the snow than there has been from covid. Like anywhere else in the country they do have to deal with shipment issues, but DD hasn’t had any issues finding food she likes. Masks were required and worn by all students in every one of D20s classes over the last year and a half, but she’s never had any large lecture hall type classes, so I can’t speak to those. They can usually get appointments at Redfern within 2-3 days right now, BUT Clemson also offers free virtual urgent care visits through MUSC. DD actually used them new year’s eve evening. The PA sent in scripts to CVS, and she picked them up the next day. CVS and Walgreens have auto delivery or same day delivery through instacart if your student doesn’t have a car and Redfern is closed. There’s also an independent pharmacy (Hubbard Young) downtown that offers delivery as well, or it’s only a 15 minute walk. There are 2 other urgent cares within a mile or 2 of campus; if your student has an emergency and does not have a car, I recommend joining the university parent FB page. We (local parents) try to jump in to help students from trips to the ER to dropping off food/medicine if instacart isn’t available.

The 7 day average is currently 7.9%, which is about 1/4 of the overall state average. They test weekly (saliva), so students find out pretty quickly if they need to isolate. I’ve been impressed with their handling of covid; they’ve been maintaining a balance between being pro-active and normalizing daily life as much as possible this year. Is it perfect, no; this is a learning curve situation, but they’ve been cognizant of the mental needs of students as well as physical. I can’t speak to CAPS appointment availability, but give them a call. Everyone I’ve ever spoken to on campus has been friendly and helpful.


TY for your reply-nice to hear your D, even during covid, has adjusted so well to college life! May I ask, when kids are isolating at the “hotel” which I’m assuming is an actual hotel (?), are they able to join class via zoom, or do they just ask friends for notes, etc? I didn’t know rush was fall freshman year. D really wants to join dance groups, maybe a business fraternity, but not a sorority. I was wondering if she will get FOMO (how big of a presence is Greek life for girls?), and is it possible to rush as a sophomore?

This is super informative, thank you for the detail. One of the schools closer to home that she is considering has recently and/or is currently having problems regarding quite a few of the items mentioned above, which Clemson seems to have a great handle on. The closer school may have a better program in her major but the details that make day-to-day life easier, esp. now, really count for something in the total package. Also really appreciate hearing of the local help if needed, since we would be a flight away. Looking forward to her seeing Clemson in April.

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I’m not sure about taking classes online, but I suspect that is happening, otherwise I think parents would mention it. My daughter pledged a sorority fall of freshman year, her best friend and roommate pledged two others, my daughter said being in a sorority is mo big deal. She’s still meeting girls out and about in her sorority who she never met before. She prefers bars over parties. It’s an actual hotel, Clemson took it over last semester. The local families are awesome, always offering brining food, groceries, rides to doctors, a place to sleep, or park… There is a TON of school spirit. We are a 12 hour drive away. They recently had a snowstorm, my northeast daughter said it was the most fun she’s ever had in the snow.


While there is definitely a greek presence, it is much lower than other large universities. It’s more of a take-it-or-leave-it thing; it’s great if interested, but not necessary to socialize. D20 had no interest in rushing; she’s involved in 5 different clubs/organizations and stays pretty busy. DH was an athlete and founding father of one of the frats, so there’s definitely something for everyone. There are over 500 student organizations; once they get their login credentials, there’s actually a quiz to help match their interests with organizations. They have a Tiger Prowl club fair at the beginning of each semester where students can walk around and speak with reps from various organizations.


Been quiet…anyone hear of recent new admissions?

Still waiting and D applied 8/3!

I’m not sure they will release any until 2/15

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Wondering the same thing … no news here.

I heard the same thing as @Janbsil - that all Early Admissions were done and nothing else would be released until the official date of February 15th. But every year is different so who knows what may happen.


has anyone got in out of state? if so please share your stats :slight_smile: