Clemson Class of 2025 Admissions

This is typical for state schools; state legislatures are currently voting on state budgets now through the end of June. School Boards of Trustees will vote on school budgets after that, so April through July. Schools with large endowments or pork to cut may have already voted to freeze 2021-2022 tuitions, but that is very school specific. To be safe, we personally budgeted a 3-5% increase per year for all state schools.

Agreed. I was going to suggest the same… assume 3-5% annual increase from this year’s COA.

So does that mean we should add 3-5% to the price given on the tuition and costs calculator on the Clemson website? Or, have they already included that 3-5% in their estimate?

Personally for budgeting purposes, we added 3-5% on top of every school’s NPC and assumed each of the subsequent years would be 3-5% above the previous year’s cost. I’m a bit OCD with budgets and don’t like surprises. I figure any freezes, lower % increases or reductions (:joy:) will just be a nice surprise.

Hi everyone - I was accepted for Fall 2021 with TigerTown SummerBound. I was wondering if anyone knew much about this program? I am pretty unfamiliar with it and was wondering how worth it the program is.

If you really want to go to CU its a pathway in. It is a way for the school to create an extra revenue source and also allows them to free up class space for fall classes. If you don’t mind paying the extra money for a summer session and starting early then I’d say sure. Honestly I don’t think the program is meant to benefit the student as much as it benefits the university.


Good luck to all of the future freshman, my son decided to enroll elsewhere. Best of luck with your college career.


does clemson have a roommate search option?

They do. We are still trying to figure out how to work it.

Yes, there is roommate match search through the housing page, but if I remember correctly, you need to create an account and maybe sign the housing agreement first?? Most kids create a Facebook account and join the “Class of 20xx” page, then form groups in snapchat to get to know each other. Just keep in mind the parents of 20xx pages and class of 20xx pages are NOT affiliated with the university. Once the kids find a roommate, they create a roommate group on the housing site. The person with the earliest time slot will choose for the group.

Do they take people off waitlist prior to 5/1?

does anyone know if there is a group chat for the honors college?


in past years they have

Just declined my spot, hope it helps someone on the waitlist!


Good luck next year!

Good point, Laxmom… but still holding out hope for my waitlisted Clemson hopeful. This is the one place he wants to be! Badly!

Following… wondering the same thing.

Mine just officially declined. I do like how they make it easy for one, some schools don’t have the “decline” button readily available. I also like how it gave you the opportunity to state why you were declining. Good luck to those waiting!!!

My S21 declined his spot today too- hope that helps someone out!

Hi! Could someone please explain the difference to me on Expected Family Contribution versus the total net cost? I only received a small loan which wouldn’t make Clemson the financially best option for me. But today they updated iRoar with more details and my EFC is significantly less than the net cost because of FAFSA.