Clemson Class of 2025 Admissions

Hi there, just checked to see if this so called “hack” after applying in late September. It says to enter my admissions activation number. Kinda hoping to hear something soon! There are a lot of threads on this, anyone know if this is promising for first rounds of admissions?


@socalgb Did you enter a bogus activation number? At this step, I entered 123456 and got the message that “the number entered did not match the file number on record, please try again.”

I think that’s suppose to be a good sign.

yes same here

Same. Anyone know if that means there is merit money for it to work this early?

@virginiaBelle over the past couple of years the “hack” has been discussed extensively in CC. So you may want to review past years threads.

However rest assured that if anyone gets a Tiger Town Bound envelope in November they are ultimately going to be awarded merit money. The November and December admissions only go to the high stat kids.

However even if you get admitted in the early batches, at least last year and I think in 2019 as well, the merit money notification did not get released until later.

Also be aware that In 2018 the top OOS merit money was 15K. In 2019 the top OOS merit money was 20K. However last year they dropped top OOS merit money down to 12K. And I don’t think they let people know about the drop in merit money until sometime in January. With the pandemic who knows what it will be this year.

Good luck on your application

Thanks for the update. My 2019 grad got the 20k offer. Hadn’t heard it had been reduced. Difficult to pay for out of state when we have UGA and Georgia Tech instate which are free tuition if you have the right stats. Waiting is the hardest part!

@VirginiaBelle Yes and Clemson OOS is on the top end of Public universities. Not MIchigan mind you but not FSU or Bama either.

After extensively reading last year’s thread it seems the hacks (there were two) were “fixed”. Apparently several parents called admissions complaining about inaccurate information in one of the hacks (really people?? It’s a hack for goodness sake!). Shortly after that, all applicants, even one’s eventually waitlisted or rejected, received the same message “The activation token you entered does not match the one on record. Please try again”. I tried it for my D21 a few weeks ago, received the same message and was initially excited for her. After going back and reading the entirety of the thread I discovered that it’s no longer valid. Thankfully she is unaware of the hacks we speak of here on CC, or she would’ve been very disappointed as Clemson is her dream. She has average stats, so we’ll just have to wait until mid February.

@ashley41 I went back and read a few years worth of boards after D20 applied. I will say there was nothing quite like the Tigertown bound notification. Clemson was the only school that had no email component. By the time she’d received acceptance packages from other schools, she’d already received an email, so it was more like “junk” mail at that point. I know it’s harder this way, but It made the day a bit more special. Good luck to your daughter and good luck to all of the Class of '25 applicants!!!

My daughter applied a month ago, we haven’t heard anything yet. Does Clemson notify via email to check the portal when a decision is available?

Thank you @Tigerwife92. You’re absolutely right. The decision loses it’s luster by time one makes their way through hacks, portals and emails. Best to try and remain patient and trust the process!

@Tigergrad94 no, Clemson does not notify by email/portal. They still use the big Tigertown Bound envelopes. Some high stat students will probably start receiving acceptances in the next week or two, then again a week or two later with subsequent rounds in December and January; these “early” acceptances will be SOME of the high stat students who are receiving merit scholarships. If you look through last year’s thread, you’ll see the breakdown of stats. The vast majority of students (90%+) will hear in the mass mailing in February. If you follow CU admissions on Instagram, etc. you’ll see when they drop them off at the post office. Please note: every year there are some high stat students (who also received scholarships) who don’t hear until the February mailing. The new NPC calculator that reflects updated merit levels is usually released sometime in January. The updated NPC for the class of '24 was posted in late January. If your student is considering Honors College, make sure they take their time on the essay and get their app in by December 8th with all supporting documents in by December 15th. Good luck!

My Application Status on my Portal for Clemson just changed from Awaiting Decision to Decided. Hoping for good news in the mail soon!

@dancer7381 Hoping it’s a packet in the mail soon! Do you mind sharing your stats?

35 ACT
4.0 UW/ 4.45 W GPA
7 APs/ 19 Honors
Class rank- top 8% (competitive public hs school)

My sons changed to decided today too!

Just received an update on my portal- admitted with a scholarship! I’m guessing they are doing it online due to COVID-19 this year.

@dancer7381 Congratulations!

Congrats @dancer7381 !! Technical question for you. When you clicked on the link in your portal, did the “yellow highlight” go away? Or is it still there?

(Where it says: Status Update

New updates to your application were posted November 5, 2020.

View Update >>)

There was a read letter button. My S21 got an acceptance and scholarship as well. Love the paw prints!

Congrats @dancer7381 !