Clemson Class of 2025 Admissions

@2NCKids I opened the letter and a few minutes after the whole screen changed and is now updated to have admitted student things, so the yellow highlight is gone now.

Congratulations everyone! If you haven’t already, can you provide stats? Thank you!!

3.98 - 4 UW 4.66 W
Top 3% of 440
1470 SAT
Great EC’s with leadership, 6 Honor Societies and an internship.

Thank you @dancer7381 !

Congratulations, everyone! Sorry to hear the TTB Envelope fell victim to covid, but I’m happy to hear OOS scholarships are still in play. Good luck to everyone!!

@Tigerwife92 thank you!!

My daughters stats:
3.91 UW / 4.26 Weighted GPA
No test scores due to COVID
All AP and honors classes
Class rank 118/498 extremely competitive public high school
Clemson legacy - I know this doesn’t bear much weight

What are her chances?

Thanks everyone! One more question… when did you apply? Thanks!

@PH I applied on 10/3. Congrats to everyone so far and good luck to those waiting!

@collegedna when you say “update alert” do you mean your student got an email?

@PH First week in Sept.

congrats to everyone who’s been accepted! can’t wait to see you all in Tigertown in the fall!

Any nursing majors get accepted in this early batch?

I did! Accepted into The School of Nursing with a merit scholarship. Here are my stats:
3.94 UW, 4.41 W GPA
1480 SAT
5 AP Courses, Took a majority of weighted Courses(I took Anatomy and Physiology and AP Psychology specifically which I know are recommended courses to students who want to go into nursing)
Varsity dance team for 4 years as well as having a leadership position, National Honors Society Member, and National Merit Commended Scholar, as well as lots of volunteer work.
My school does not rank.
I don’t know if this matters but I am also out-of-state.

Thanks to this board, I had my son check his portal. Not sure he got an email (if he did he missed it) but he is in Clemson for Business with an academic scholarship, details in February. Does this mean no Tiger Town envelope?

Anyone from in-state get accepted during this first wave?

Thanks! He opened the portal and conveyed the info so I missed that part.

As far as stats:
3.98 unweighted
35 ACT
6 APs, the rest honors
Competitive private school, does not rank

hi, my daughter keeps checking her portal… still says awaiting decision.
she applied undecided OOS 1400 SAT lots of AP honors ect… great extracurriculars and volunteer work…

If it makes anyone feel any better my son, who would not be a candidate for merit, hasn’t even submitted his application yet!

My son still sees “awaiting decision” in his portal. OOS, 1490 SAT, 3.7/4.1 GPA, all honors and 4 AP, strong public school, excellent extra curriculars- 2 varsity sports, 3 year president of a non profit club, runs his own small business, conducted his own research in his intended major. Major: Natural resource and economic policy. He submitted early October. I have faith that the right school will appreciate what he brings to the table. Good luck to everyone! Clemson is a fantastic school!!