Clemson Class of 2027 Official Thread

Starting a thread for 2027 students. How are people thinking about the two different essays? The common app 650 essay and the personal statement? How long should the personal statement be? Thoughts on topics?


Do not stress over essay for Clemson - they don’t have one. Use personal statement if need be - application submission date is MOST important for housing.

They are a GPA, class rank, rigor of coursework school - see common data.


We used the Clemson App and did a personal statement on the app and submitted early decision last week.

Submitting early decision on Friday of this week.

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good luck! let’s keep in touch!


Can someone help with where the SRAR link is once you have submitted the Clemson application? She is in the applicant portal and her application has been submitted but there is no link anywhere?

She will receive an email in about a week from Clemson with directions to set up her Clemson portal. Once that is set up, then you are able to move forward with linking the SRAR. You are unable to do it prior to receiving the email from Clemson. Hope this helps!

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Thank you. What we learned is that once you submit your application it takes around 24 hours + for the SRAR link to appear. She kept searching and couldn’t find it.

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We have found that using the college’s own app vs common app has been beneficial.

#1: immediate confirmation and time stamp. This is extremely important for Clemson and housing selection. It also took about 8 mins to complete via the CU app

#2: link for SRAR is immediately available.

#3: same for Tenn & Bama


If you join a LLC you will get priority housing, next after Honors students, so it does not matter when you submit your application if doing EA.

Question, my daughter submitted her application yesterday and completed SRAR today but SRAR suggests it can take up to 48 hours to send info to Clemson. Since that is still pending, do you think she loses out on being considered for EA since the deadline is today to submit everything? Thanks

Oof. That’s a tough one. You could email her AO and just ask straight out. On the one hand, a deadline being on a saturday could mean that they just want it on their desk by Monday morning. But on the other hand, 10/15 is just a random date picked because it’s halfway through October and they can decide a hard deadline is a hard deadline. I know kids at other schools were told they weren’t in the ED pool because SAT scores hadn’t come in yet.

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Anyone know how merit awards will work this year, and any idea about the max award? I have two older kids who applied and got the max and they got them (and their acceptance) in the first few days of November. I see EA acceptances are now December 1 (thank you Clemson!) but curious about merit awards. What did they do last year?

Good question. I feel like I’ve been lectured several times on this site not to expect any merit from Clemson yet we know two friends last year with similar stats (from our OOS HS and a neighboring one) who got enough to make it equal to our in-state flagship tuition (which we would be happy with). People have different definitions of “merit” and “good merit” though and I suspect Clemson uses merit as a carrot to boost enrollment from certain corners of the country…

They definitely give merit but it has reduced a lot since my oldest applied 2019. Max then was 20k. Max 2021 was 12,500. Now there may be various random little scholarships that they pile on top but generally they stick to their “formula” and tiers for out of state. Not sure what the max was last year because I didn’t have an applicant. This year’s applicant has a 34 ACT, while his brothers had 35s. Will be interesting to see if that makes a difference.

I have heard merit at Clemson is extremely stat driven so it might even with higher GPA due to more APs.

Sounds like you’re in good shape then.

Given this, where do you believe any merit scholarships start?
Is it harder to gain admission to business and engineering or are all majors equally challenging, like Florida?

No idea. I guess major probably plays some part? My business kid with a 35 ACT got merit and his friend, slightly higher grades because took 1 more AP, engineer, didn’t get any. That kid got in everywhere he applied including a couple of very competitive admits (below 15% acceptance rate). So either his ACT was lower (but not by much I am sure - max 2 points and probably less) or it was engineering over business that made the merit decision.

This years applicant is an engineer with a 34 ACT so we will see!

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Those are terrific academic profiles. Is your business kid in the honors program or is that much of a draw at Clemson?


My business student is in the honors program and feels it is worthwhile. She has a business advisor, an honors advisor, and an actuary advisor (outside of the business school).