Clemson Class of 2027 Official Thread

Website says 65 in 35 out. In our tour in the presentation they commented on having large in state presence

My older son was deferred at Clemson and got in, but that was in 2020. I’m sure the stats were off due to the circumstances that year. Middle son just got deferred at UGA today. Hoping for a yes from Clemson in a couple of weeks. Go Tigers!


Clemson received 52,820 apps last year to enroll 4599.
Georgia received 39,615 apps to enroll 6200.

75% of Georgia’s class comes from in-state while 51% of Clemson’s.

UGA received far more OOS apps in early action (15,500 OOS vs. 10,500 in-state) so it’s in-state yield is likely far higher. Is the same true to Clemson? Illinois and Massachusetts make the top ten states for Clemson while Texas and Tennessee are top ten for Georgia.

Does anyone know if they will be offering Bridge or Summer Start for EA decisions? Website says EA will be accept/defer/deny. I wasn’t sure if some of those accepted decisions would include Bridge or SS.

I did call and ask about summer, I didn’t ask about bridge. She said she thought summer decisions would release March1, but she wasn’t sure. If anyone calls, please let us know if you hear anything else!


Ok makes sense. Guessing bridge would be as well. It makes me wonder if EA acceptances will be applicants with high stats similar to how in the past they accepted high stats kids in fall before big Feb release date and rest will be defer/deny.


I have read in the past its typically only 5-10% of the really high stat kids that would get in Clemson early. Now that they have an official EA, my guess is they will admit a lot more than 5-10% in early round. One can hope :slight_smile:


Asking for a friend…

Anyone know what time on Dec 1 those EA decisions will be released?

It’s their first year doing it so no idea?

I was told by admissions that they will be looking at the whole application for EA decisions, not just GPA and test scores. I specifically asked them if it would be similar to Auburn which only looked at those two things for EA1.


I called and they said to “look online”…crossing my fingers!


Did everyone see the “What to Expect on Dec 1” email?
We will release decisions on the evening of December 1. Decisions will include admit, defer and deny.


Where did you see this? Social media or an email?

My son received this info in an email from Clemson and forwarded over to me.


Any mention whether merit decisions will be included?

We will release decisions on the evening of December 1. Decisions will include admit, defer and deny.

If you are admitted…

  • Congratulations! You should feel proud of this achievement as we had a very competitive Early Action applicant pool.
  • You still have until May 1 to make your enrollment decision.
  • Financial aid packages will be released in March 2023.
  • Visit your Admitted Student Portal to start your enrollment next steps, register for admitted student events, and learn more about your major!

If you are deferred…

  • The most important thing to remember is that this is not a final decision. It is a delay until we can review your application in the context of the entire applicant pool.
  • Your application will receive full consideration for both admission and scholarships with the Regular Decision group.
  • Please check your email and portal for important information and next steps.

Yes- just pasted the email! Says in March.

That’s quite a while to wait. Maybe there’s a mechanism for determining interest from deferred candidates. My nephew is applying from Texas. Does Clemson admit directly into the business school? I heard that the b-school, freshman dorms and athletic facilities for students are all in close proximity.

My older two got merit under the old program (admitted first of November), and their admission letters said that merit would be forthcoming - dollar amount came out several months later. I’m wondering if this will be the same. I would think it might in an attempt to keep Clemson in the mix for competitive kids. Waiting till March to disclose whether you got merit may cross it off a lot of lists.


My daughter is in the business school (loves it), but didn’t start there, and I think her first semester was pre-business? Most of the dorms are freshman dorms so all over, my daughter was in Douthit near the business school in the CUBS LLC. Housing choices are based on application date, Clemson was a last minute application so she knew she’d be dead last in the lottery, so chose a LLC to chose her room sooner (plus it’s the nicest dorm on campus but looking back she’d have loved the oldest ones by the stadium, she prefers fun over nice).