clueless Filipina?

<p>female from the Philippines</p>

CR 530 M 590 W 570
CR 620 M 640 W 590</p>

<p>Subject Tests:
M1 680 M2 610 Lit 590
M1 620 M2 580 Lit 530</p>

<p>GPA: around 3.8 (educational system is weird so these're all approximations)</p>

<p>4 years Math, English, Natural Science, Social Science, Arts and Music - grade from B to A</p>

<p>3 years of Spanish - grade around B to B+</p>

<p>1 year of Accounting as an elective - grade around B to B+</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Class Treasurer, freshmen year
Public Relations Officer of the Student council, junior year
host family of Turkish foreign exchange student
head organizer of 3 class events, 2 school events
hosted numerous variety shows, school events, prom
organized Leadership Training for class officers
major role in class play, won best in the batch (Sisa in Noli me Tangere)
director of class play (Sound of Music)
competed in 8th and 9th Asia Pacific Dance Competition in Singapore - won
participated in Eastern Europe Pilgrimage
participant in a charity cotillion
volunteer work for children during Christmas
Skechers Streetdance Competition</p>

<p>cheering competitions joined and won -
GALS Cheering Competition, freshmen year (1st)
JVC Cheering Competition, sophomore year (1st)
National Cheering Competition, sophomore year (1st)
National Cheering Competition, junior year (6th)
Philippine Heart Association Cheering Competition, senior year (2nd)</p>

<p>Ugly part of my application:
Underwent deportment probation after my freshmen year for shoplifting. It was explained very well and my recommendations all praise me for my maturity though. They all mentioned that indeed, i have changed and i handled it very well. In fact, it did more good than bad for me - that incident. AAAHHHH</p>

<p>applied to: NYU GWU Northeastern BU
accepted in: Babson and Bentley</p>

<p>any feedback from ANYONE would be of great help so please please please chance me. thank you so much!</p>

<p>I'm Pinay too and an int'l freshman. We took the same SAT Subject Tests and our SAT1 scores are in the same range. Your ECs are spectacular, although I think NYU's a bit of a reach with those SAT scores. Try to get the SAT1 to above 650 and Subject Tests to above 700 to increase your chances. </p>

<p>I applied to NYU last year and was so dismayed when I didn't get in, and then I checked CC and found out how fierce competition was.</p>

<p>a Pinay here too :)
If you're not applying for aid, I think you have a good chance at NYU and BU (and they combine your highest scores). Northeastern and GWU are quite a reach though, with your SAT scores.</p>

<p>I do commend you, though, for your involvement in your ECs--from what you've presented, you've shown a passion for dancing/cheerleading throughout high school, and I think that's something the admissions committee would indeed notice (I worked as an admissions assistant for the university I attend, so I should know. hehe)</p>

<p>actually, three years ago, I got accepted to NYU (and our SAT I scores are in the same range). They didn't give me any aid, though. I took a gap year, currently a sophomore, and am applying as a transfer student for next year.</p>

<p>p.s. do you by any chance go to Poveda?</p>

<p>so GWU and Northeastern are more difficult to get into than NYU and BU?
yep a Povedan</p>