CNN's "John King, USA" to broadcast live from W&M Thurs, 2/2

<p>William</a> & Mary -*CNN's 'John King, USA' comes to 'Alma Mater of a Nation'</p>

<p>Just noticed this on the WM homepage. I don't watch CNN, but I'll put it on tonight in the hopes that they'll talk about the College a little bit. My d will be at a rehearsal, so unless she gets a break, I won't see her in the crowd.</p>

<p>There's going to be a pre-recorded interview with Robert Gates (former Defense Secretary) - he's going to be installed as the next Chancellor on Friday.</p>

<p>Dan Savage, creator of the It Gets Better Project will be on campus tomorrow. A great week for W&M!</p>

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<p>I don't like John King but I like W&M so I might try to watch.</p>

<p>Excited to welcome Secretary Gates back to campus!</p>