CNU Early Action 2020

Is anyone else waiting to hear about admission to CNU’s Honors Program for Fall 2020? We are supposed to get results by January 15. Does anyone know what to expect?

We’re waiting!! I assume their portal will update at some point on the 15th letting them know if they’re accepted to CNU along with honors. I also assume there will be applicants that are accepted to CNU, but not the honors program. We’re from OOS and never heard of CNU until this summer so I don’t have much to go by. I’m assuming you’re from VA based on your screen name. Do you know any families with kids at CNU?

@mamawitch - We know families with kids at CNU from our neighborhood and school system. I’m not sure what to say, though. It seems that for every college with a lot of local kids attending, many love the school and some come back home with a list of reasons they didn’t. Just 10 days from an EA decision now.

My son received a large envelope from CNU Admissions yesterday. I brought him down to open it and it turned out to be a lame letter and brochure asking him to apply to CNU as a music or theater major in order to have a chance at a small scholarship. I hate when schools send introductory mail to kids that have already applied. It shouldn’t be hard to filter them out, rather than get them excited that they just received an admissions decision.

That stinks about the large envelope! I’m surprised that CNU still sends admissions decisions through the mail. Most colleges send emails nowadays. Good luck to your son!

That’s so disappointing @skedeebs. I know we would’ve assumed it was a decision!! And you’re definitely right about there are always kids who have reasons why they don’t like a school. I’ve mainly been looking for input on the reputation and general feedback since we’re from ME and had never heard of CNU before this summer. We did visit this summer and thought the campus was beautiful, and the few people there were very friendly. Hoping to be able to go back for accepted student day!!!

4 more days…

Last January the envelopes came earlier than January 15. I guess they were mailed on Friday, so some people got them on Saturday, January 12. I’m trying not to get my hopes up! If anyone gets their decision, please post!

Are you thinking they were mailed Friday this year? Hoping to receive in mail tomorrow. Anyone know what acceptance packet looks like?

So CNU does actual mail, not portal?

Yes. Snail mail. One of my daughter’s friends did early decision this school year and received her acceptance in the mail. We are waiting for Wednesday with fingers crossed! I like the portal much better followed by a letter in the mail. That way, the kid gets the answer in case the physical letter gets lost or mis-delivered.

We received a letter in the mail today with our Early Action decision.

@cheers2020…Hope it was good news! If you don’t mind, what area are you located? We are in Northern VA and there is nothing from the school in the mail today.

Great news! North Carolina

Congrats! Can you share was it a big envelope or just a letter? Waiting for mail now.

@froggyjr we are in Nova and nothing here today either

We’re in ME and nothing came in today’s mail. Maybe tomorrow; that’d be a nice surprise for her!!!

We are in Hampton Roads and nothing today. :frowning:

I am so sorry for my earlier post. I just got home form work and the letter he received today was about being a finalist for the Presidential Scholars. The letter doesn’t say he has been admitted just that he is a finalist. Once again I apologize, when my son sent me a text at work it sounded as though he was accepted. I guess if he is a finalist then maybe he is, but it definitely was not an acceptance letter. Next time I will look before I post. Sorry!

We are in the Richmond area and have not gotten notification but a friend of a friend got a letter today and she was deferred. It’s weird that we live in the same area but didn’t get a letter. Do you think they send out letters to students deferred first?

In Northern VA. Letter received in mail today. One big packet with acceptance to college. One small envelope with notification he was a finalist for Presidential Scholar (10K) and that he was invited for another interview in late Jan, early Feb. Letter stated that anyone who was not chosen as Presidential scholar was still accepted into the Honors program/Presidential Leadership program. I assume that Presidential scholar means he does both? Otherwise, he will have to choose either Honors program or Presidential leadership program? CNU was his first choice, and he was already accepted into the music program based on a Nov. audition, but I am unsure if it is at all feasible with all the extra classes/ensembles as a music major to do both Honors and PLP. We need to do more research. Likely he might have to choose one but we plan to contact school for clarification on what all this means.