CNU Early Decision vs Early Action 2019

We were at an admissions function at campus and they have two applying early opportunities. Decision and Action.
The person I was with fell in love with the university and does not have a number two school. The stats fit the regular decision applicant pool and is an athlete being recruited.
What is the difference and is one better than the other? Anyone do one over the other?
I think they want ED to have it settled, but it seems lots go EA

The big difference is that if you apply ED you HAVE to go to that school if accepted (and if you can possibly afford it). Also, you find out about ED at CNU on Dec. 15 and EA on Jan. 15. Theoretically, it could help to know the decision by Dec. 15. If the applicant is in, they don’t have to bother putting in any more applications with due dates of Jan. 1 or Jan. 15. If they’re not in, they have time to send in more applications.

The advantage of EA would be the possibility of seeing if the applicant gets into other schools, either other EA schools by January or RD schools by April 1. Whatever happens, you would have until May 1 to decide where to go with EA.

My opinion would be that if by November there are no other schools the applicant wants to apply to that might be better or more affordable, and if they can definitely afford the possible cost of CNU, then ED may be the way to go. There’s at least a slight chance that ED could make the difference between getting in or not. It would have to be affordable though: CNU costs about $27,000 plus some expenses in-state, and you wouldn’t know at the time of applying what (if any) scholarships the applicant might get. CNU has a Net Price Calculator, but it is the lousy kind that doesn’t tell you much of anything.

On the other hand, if a possibly preferred school is under consideration, it could be worth not doing ED in order to see options. (As long as the applicant still has at least one pretty certain option they like no matter what happens.)

Thanks Wilson!
I think she meets most of the academic standard admissions with a 93% and 1200 SAT. She is ready to apply EA, but if the fit/cost is right she will bump it to ED.
Hopefully the financial picture will come clearer as October PHEAA, that is the main thing she is nervous about.

And don’t forget to apply to Presidential Scholars :wink: (EA/ED required).

ED is tough when you aren’t sure what the financial aid picture looks like. But it’s the best way to get accepted.

She was sent an email to register for the Presidential Day/Honors Day, does this mean she will get one of those merit scholarships? thanks

No, it only means she’s competitive for one, not that she will receive something - the process is competitive and the invite means she has a choice.

My dd has visited Christopher Newport, indicated interest in PLP and Honors, interviewed when she was there for a visit. She has not received an invite to visit for the PLP and Honors Day…trying to figure that out bec. she has a 1580 SAT and a 4.03 UW GPA. Should they have already received the invitation?

@momto3g This is from the school site. Seems she meets the hurdles. It’s probably worth a call.

"President’s Leadership and Honors Visit Days are held four times each year: two dates during fall semester and two dates during spring semester.

President’s Leadership and Honors Visit Day is by invitation only, based on the minimum GPA and test scores needed to be considered for the programs. If you meet the minimum requirements for the programs you" should receive an invitation by email with the link to register.

If you have any questions please call us at (757) 594-8936 or email"

Yes, that is what I read on the site as well. I’m wondering if there is a glitch somewhere, something my daughter didn’t submit because it seems like she should have received an invite based on her stats. Thanks for confirming what I was feeling.