Coca Cola Scholars 2020-21

Sholarship opened up yesterday so I thought I’d make this thread. Feel free to post anything related to the scholarship !

Just submit my application!

Do we know when semifinalists get announced?

We should be notified by nov 27

@yagirl932 thanks! Did you get that from their website?

When they say they will notify us “by Nov 27th,” does that mean there will be notifications before then? Or is everyone notified on Nov 27th?

I got notified that I’m a semifinalist today, so I guess notifications are coming before then.

I also got notified that I’m a semifinalist! Literally cannot believe it. Congrats to everyone who applied!!

My son got notice that he too is a semi-finalist. Congrats to all!

I got notified I am not a semi-finalist, so I am assuming almost all notifications are out. Congrats to everyone though! Does anyone have recommendations for other similar scholarships?

And my son’s girlfriend is also a semifinalist!

My DS is a semifinalist!!! Congrats to the other students and their parents. Next stop regional finalists!

I am a semifinalist! Congrats!

Will they be releasing more decisions? And will they all be rejections?

@mshoc17 My email said they had concluded reviewing all applications, so I am not sure.

@dancer7381 Congratulations! The Burger King McLamore Foundation Scholarship is pretty similar.

I got notified that I am a semifinalist! Congrats to the other 1600 students who have achieved this honor!

What do you think helped you guys become semifinalists? Did you have work experience?

@Emmadonnelly I think while my extracurriculars and grades made me a solid contender, it was definitely volunteer and work experience that allowed me to earn the semifinalist status. My extracurriculars are primarily academic-focused (math team, MUN, econ club, FBLA, etc.) and so I had to leave entire sections like Student Council/Class Officer and Student Media/Publications and Visual Arts completely blank, which I think hurt me if the scholarship organizers were looking for well-rounded applicants. However, I was able to report a lot of volunteer hours through different organizations (like political campaigns and nonprofits), as well as internship and work experience - personally, I’ve had a part-time job since the beginning of sophomore year so 2 years of working likely helped a lot.

I hope this answers your question!

my EC’s and community service. I only had one thing in work experience. @emmadonnelly