Cognitive Science at Pomona?

Hi! I’m '21 in high school and i’m applying to pomona ed2 this year. i know that we are encouraged to look at all majors before declaring one, but i’m really interested in cognitive science at pomona. if this is your major or you have taken class in the department before, i would love to hear about your experience!!

Hey! I initially applied as a Ling/Cog Sci major, but they ended up splitting the two my first year and I found out I was more passionate about Linguistics. Although the two majors are now separate, the department still very much functions in an integrated way and I won’t hesitate to say it’s probably the best department at Pomona (although I’m definitely biased). The professors are so wonderful and supportive, and the overall department is an amazing community to be a part of.

Hi I’m a current cog sci major at Pomona. Because Cog Sci is such an interdisciplinary field, Cog Sci majors get to design their own concentration, ranging from Computer Science, to Bilingual Cognition, to Child Devlopment. Course requirements are relatively easy to fulfill (and there’s not as many courses required as other majors e.g. Mol Bio), and all the faculty are amazing professionals and so knowledgeable about their fields (not to mention very nice and supportive).