Colby Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision Date: Mid-March

I haven’t seen a thread for this yet so I decided to start one! Who is considering applying to Colby this year?

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Hey - I’m applying this year (submitted my app today!)

^ !!!

I’m applying too! I’m ready to submit I’m just waiting for my November SAT Scores.

I applied RD! :slight_smile:

hi i applied RD :slight_smile: submitted my app already!

Hello I am gonna apply rd tomorrow and I have a unweighted gpa of 3.95 what are my chances of getting in as an international student from India?

Son applied here. Definitely a reach (1430 SAT, 4.23 GPA W, 17/440 rank, solid extras). He’s undecided and this is a great liberal arts school. His top choice.

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Does anyone know if Colby requires a mid-year transcript? They don’t say it’s required on Common App, but can/should I submit it anyway?

My counselor never sent it because Colby doesn’t ask for it and on their website, it says nothing about Mid Year transcripts so I’m pretty sure we’re safe.

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When DS applied 5 years ago, all schools wanted this for RD. Students who received an ED deferral were asked for it. I would send it.

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I sent a self reported mid-year grades through my son’s application portal, as a pdf file.

Did everyone get this email?

Thank you for completing your application to Colby. In light of the complexities related to the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to [submit additional information] to be reviewed by the admissions committee.

What do they want us to talk about? How COVID affected us?

hi ! i just got this and was wondering, what else we need to submit since there was already a covid section in the common app

That is what I’m wondering as well

Any Engineering majors here? How is Colby’s eng department?

My DS just got the same thing. When he logged into his Colby Applicant Portal it just gives a text box with the following “Please use the space provided to include any additional information you would like to share with the admissions committee.” It doesn’t say that it is Covid-specific so it may just be that they have so many great applicants that they are having trouble choosing and are trying to see if there is anything else they should know about students this admissions cycle.

Colby doesn’t offer an engineering department.

Not sure what I should write about. Maybe updates on my senior year?