Colby Class of 2027 Official Thread

Son waitlisted

Common app essay, teacher recommendations?

D23 accepted!

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Son sent arts supplements. Not sure how they do holistic review without a supplement.


rejected. school weights gpa weird but top 10% of class, 1480 sat


daughter waitlisted. SAT 1570. all A , GPA 4.6 top 15 in big public school.

accepted! 3.7 GPA, SAT 1500.

Son waitlisted
UW GPA 3.8
SAT 1490
music supplement for trombone

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Do you apply fin aid.?

I did not.

Similar stats here, also with dance and writing supplements

Yes - applied for FA. Did not show any demonstrated interest - no visit, no interview. Also did not submit any additional updates in response to letter requesting potential updates. So actually surprised that S23 was waitlisted. He will decline WL due to Bowdoin acceptance, so it all works out in the end.

I just got waitlisted. Do you think there’s any chance I will get accepted? Or should I commit somewhere else and not stay on the waitlist? Colby was my top school, but I don’t want to hold out hope if there’s no chance I can get off the waitlist. Does anyone know if Colby tends to take a big group of students from its waitlist?

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You will probably need to commit elsewhere as most WL activity occurs after May 1. You should confirm this timeline with admissions. But you can commit elsewhere and stay on the WL.

I would also commit elsewhere a few days before May 1 so you have allowed for any issues with tech, deposit, etc.

The number of WL admits has varied in past. Some years, none. But then again you could get lucky.

Colby has been over enrolled, so might try to be conservative in offers to see where the class ends up. They are planning for 60 (I think) fewer in this class, though about 1,000 more applications. If they have have admitted significantly fewer to accommodate this, it is possible they will have space for some waitlisted students later on. Keep up the interest and fingers crossed (while, of course, depositing elsewhere).


Daughter waitlisted despite being invited to interview for Pulver Science scholar program. Conversation seemed to go really well.


Accepted! SAT: 1460 UW/W GPA: 3.57/4.2