Colby Pictures?

<p>I live over a thousand miles away and cannot visit the campus. The only pictures I've seen are of one building: Miller library. I would LOVE to see anything else -- other buildings, dorms, classes, people? What is your impression of the school's campus (esp. compared to other schools)?</p>

<p>If you're on the mailing list, you should get plenty of pictures of Colby students doing interesting things in their InsideColby magazine thing.
Here it is online: insideColby</a> - Photos </p>

<p>The Colby campus is beautiful, set on top of a hill. Miller library is the centerpiece of the main campus, basically, and there's rows of buildings along either side and in the back. There's a chapel and a new student center that are beautiful... Most of the buildings are the same brick style as Miller library, very regular and beautiful.</p>