Colgate 2025 RD and EDII

Hello all, I was accepted to Colgate for the class of 2025 as an Eary Decision 1 applicant. To relieve my anxiety, I would frequently reference college confidential and r/A2C on reddit. I am hoping this thread can be used for those who have been accepted to share their stats and for those who are applying either EDII or Regular Decision to ask questions to those who got accepted during this weird admissions cycle. A discord server for all 2025 applicants can be found on the subreddit r/colgate. Good luck to all :slightly_smiling_face:

congratulations! i am applying EDII!

Anyone who is planning on applying to Colgate or already got in - there’s a pretty fun discord going : https://discord.g g/59TAjTVvBF (no spaces) where all applicants are welcome!!

oh hey! I applied ED II and recently got a decision (:

Hey! I applied RD to Colgate, and I still haven’t gotten my applicant portal. I know they’ve received my application (they sent me an email about that) but it’s been a couple days since they said they’d send it, and I’m a bit concerned. Anyone else?

I had the same issue, so I called up and they informed me it is due to a large no. of applications that they received. I got email to setup my portal in about a week, so you should too expect to wait for 7-8 days.

When do they start reviewing applications anyone know? The optional supplement is due February 1st, so is there a chance they will view my application before I submit that?