Colgate Fall 2020 Transfer Thread

Hi everyone! Haven’t seen one yet, so I’m creating this thread for all the transfer applicants to Colgate in fall 2020!

When are decisions out

28th of april

How are you guys feeling?

The decision’s going to be out tomorrow. Good luck to everyone. I am super stressed for this one, as I have got a couple of rejections already. LOL. Hope for the best.

@ab40238 Good luck to you as well. All the best!

Does anyone know what time they are coming out/ is it definitely coming out today?

@tcwkdorms1034 definitely today @5:13pm, they said it in an email on Friday That also said to check your portal to make sure you can log in

Incoming Junior at UC Berkely
GPA 3.9


  • current freshman at Umiami
    -gpa 3.9


  • current sophomore at Texas A&M
  • GPA 3.85


  • current freshman at St. John’s University
  • GPA 3.94

-Incoming Junior
-Graduated from local community college a semester early
-GPA 4.0

Anyone have stats on how many transfers Colgate usually accepts?

Anyone think choice of major matters?

DrewGon, what is your choice of major?


  • Incoming Sophomore
  • current Sophomore at CUNY
  • GPA 3.87

Kinda surprised tbh, didn’t expect to get in. Weighing between Colgate, NYU, and Binghamton at this point. :confused:

Does anyone know if applying for financial aid is affecting the admission decision significantly, given the situation? I am an international student and my EFC was a small amount of the total cost of attendance. So far I have 4 rejections and I feel that that might be the main reason.


  • current freshman at UW-Madison
  • GPA 3.77

Does anyone know how hard it is to get off the waitlist?

I was looking up the stats online and apparently it’s nearly impossible. I think it said last year 0 people got off the waitlist.

I had a friend who got off the waitlist last year