Colgate University Admissions Fall 2022 - Class of 2026

The deadline for Colgate University is coming up on January 15th. Ask questions, swap stats and share admissions results with the Class of 2026.

After last years 126% increase thats a relief

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Colgate RD decisions will be released on March 26, 2022 at 8:13pm.

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That’s great!
But just being cautious, how do you know?

This Colgate link says regular decision applicants will be notified on Wednesday, March 23rd @ 8:13 p.m: Regular Decision Applicants | Colgate University.


That’s great, can’t wait!

Best of luck to you, @Suryavir!

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You too!

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For anyone that did the optional supplements does it show on your portal that you submitted them? I just realized it doesn’t show on my checklist that I submitted them but I definitely did

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Colgate best

No it doesn’t show on mine either, How many essays did you submit?

I did 2 out of the 3

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I thought you could only pick one

“ Students can choose to respond to any or all of the essay prompts, which will be available in their Colgate applicant portal after their application has been received and processed by our office. Students who choose not to submit responses to supplemental questions will be at no disadvantage in the application review process. ”

What I don’t understand about these type of statements is if it doesn’t matter if you submit or not, why are they asking? To me it looks like a ploy to increase apps.


I would think it would be that those who submit essays are likely to have a higher chance of acceptance.

Do you know when the decision will be out?