Colgate vs. Villanova

I have been accepted to both Colgate and Villanova, but I’m having a hard time deciding which I want to go to. Some pros of Villanova are that it is close to a bigger city, closer to my family, has a larger undergrad population and has great school spirit. Some cons are that I’m not allowed to have my car for the first two years and I have heard that they have a “villa-no-fun” reputation. Pros for Colgate are the beautiful campus and the ability to have my car on campus. However, I would be farther from my family and farther from a city. I am planning to major in either Econ/Business or Political Science and Government. The cost of each is fairly negligible in my decision as they are roughly close to each other. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Colgate is the better school—their academic reputation is more in line with Georgetown and Tufts than with Villanova.

How far away from your family? After the first few months at school, will the distance still be a major issue?

Both schools place onto Wall Street. Although Colgate is a better school, I’d say that the economics programs at both schools are similar in reputation (Villanova might have a slight edge over Colgate in economics).

Congrats on the acceptances!

What are you intending to Major in? Colgate is more geared toward a true LAC. I would dig into the program for your intended major at each school and look for what feels like a good fit for you. As far as the other things, they’re both beautiful campuses, you will find more parties then you can handle at either school, and why do you think you need to have a car on campus?