College Admission | Highschool Internal Result

At first, I apologize for my being frank, but it’s necessary to make someone understand the situation.
From the beginning of my grade 9, I wasn’t aware of studying abroad. I started the preparation from the beginning of grade-12. As a result, my high school results were more or less average and my high school GPA is is 4.60/5.00 on avg. For a better understanding of my situation, I would like to mention that my ECA is above average(AFAIK) with 2/3 national prizes in the olympiads and my average sat practice test scores (I haven’t sat for real one yet) crosses 1500 milestone usually. Since I’ll apply next year, I still have some time to bolster my ECAs. However, my primary concern is about the high school internal results that I mentioned earlier. I would like to state further that I’m satisfied with middle tiers ranked between 100 to 500. Given my situation and off-colored internal results, I would like to ask any experienced person, should I go for the US university admission, or do I stand any chance to get into my desired universities as mentioned above ?

The biggest question is what is your financial situation? If you will be applying for financial aid, the answers will be very different than if your family is willing and able to pay $250-300,000 USD for 4 years of college in the US.

“should I go for the US university admission”

I think that we would need more information to give you useful advice.

As @helpingmom40 said, your budget will matter quite a bit. If you can afford a total of $300,000 over four years it is very different from if you can afford $20,000 total over four years.

We are not familiar with your high school. If you could tell us how your grades compare with other students in your high school that would help a lot. Are you in the top 20% of students in your school? Top 10%?

Why are you thinking of attending university in the US? The US expects international students to return home after graduation. You should not expect to be able to stay in the US just because you get a university degree here.

For universities ranking between 100 and 200 in the US your extracurricular activities will not be all that important, and admissions is not all that difficult for an above average student. However, comparing universities ranked between 100 and 200 in the US to comparable universities in some other countries, the main difference is that the US schools cost more.

I’ll be applying for financial aid and I’m within top 10% of my class of 750 students in Bangladesh. @DadTwoGirls mentioned that ECA won’t be that important for 100-200 ranked universities, but I’m not clear about it. Why, do they consider applicants based on academics only? I’m applying to US universities for a better research opportunity and also it’s not my deliberation to stay there permanently. I would also like to mention that my grades in science related subject were always among the top ones, but my overall result was a bit off-colored due to some lacks in humanity subjects. If I was able to convince you with this data, now, can you please answer my question mentioned in the thread? @helpingmom40 @DadTwoGirls

If you are seeking financial aid, your primary concern should be finding affordable options and looking for schools that would offer enough financial aid for it to be affordable. The majority of US schools look at your financial status before deciding to admit you (need-aware) and opt to reject students for that reason than offer you a spot that you can’t afford. Some schools will not consider you for need-based aid but may offer a merit scholarship and it may not be enough to make it affordable.

It is understandable that you want to know your chances of admission but being accepted to a school you cannot afford is worse than not getting in at all. To the point made by @DadTwoGirls, you may find better options in other countries.

You should get in touch with the counselors at the closest EducationUSA advising center. There are several in Bangladesh. The counselors there will be able to tell you which colleges and universities in the US have accepted students like you in recent years, and whether or not those students received sufficient financial aid. They are the experts on this.

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