College Admission Percentage

Hey guys, I’m a student in India currently doing the Science stream in NIOS and I’m very interested in going to Canada for my BSc Undergraduate programme. I’m in this seperate board and have to write 7 exams in total, 3 of which I’ve achieved 89 in English and 94,95 in 2 other subjects. I have 2 more exams which count for passing (out of 7, only 5 are counted for passing aggregate) and I’m hoping to get at least 90 in each of them bringing my total aggregate to 91.6% hopefully. The subjects left are Bio, Chem, Math and Psychology, where Bio and Chem are my strongest points. What GOOD colleges in Canada can I get with 92%? Oh I also regularly take part in MUNs and play the guitar prolifically and produce music on the side. I’ll also be doing several computer science courses and am also pretty good at English, so I have a good chance at getting a high TOEFL score.
Thank you!

You can get into many good universities in Canada. What do you want to study?

You might also note that the cost for international students varies quite a bit from one university to the next. What is your budget?