College Confidential DJ Meme - a.k.a. calc hw procrastination

<p>I’m really procrastinating from my Calc devoirs so I figured I might as well start this.</p>

<p>Get out your iPod (or whatever device/program you use to store your MP3s), make sure you’ve got it set on shuffle, drawing from your whole library, and post the first 10 songs that come up - no matter how embarassing they are!</p>

<p>Wow, this thread is so useful.</p>

<li>Billy Joel - “Only the Good Die Young”</li>
<li>the Postal Service - “Such Great Heights”</li>
<li>the Weakerthans - “Aside”</li>
<li>Dave Matthews Band - “The Stone”</li>
<li>AC/DC - “You Shook Me All Night Long”</li>
<li>the Beatles - “Michelle”</li>
<li>the Eurythmics - “Sweet Dreams”</li>
<li>Simon and Garfunkel - “For Emily”</li>
<li>Nirvana - “Smells Like Teen Spirit”</li>
<li>Frou Frou - “Hear Me Out”</li>

<p>Umm, yeah… I take no responsibility for any of the songs on this list…</p>

<p>I'll take any form of procrastination~</p>

<li>Incubus- "Make Yourself"</li>
<li>RENT- "Seasons of Love"</li>
<li>Eminem- "Superman"</li>
<li>Jin- "Learn Chinese" </li>
<li>New Found Glory- "Hit or Miss"</li>
<li>Britney Spears- "(I got that) Boom Boom" </li>
<li>Juanes- "Mala Gente"</li>
<li>Sugarcult- "Beautiful Stalker"</li>
<li>Harvard Din and Tonics (I know I know traitorous) - "All of Me"</li>
<li>Simple Plan- "One Day"</li>

<p>And one of the songs that came up was my school's fight song, but I didn't include that, lol.</p>

<p>You traitor, you! <em>shakes fist</em></p>

<p>Props on the Britney Spears, I definitely have some of that, too. <em>blushes</em> Guilty pleasure, man, guilty pleasure.</p>

<p>lol oh I know, I almost considered taking it off, but I went with honesty.</p>

<p>Here goes children:</p>

<li>Frenchie Davis - Band of Gold (hahahahahahah what a way to start)</li>
<li>Lenny Kravitz - Lady</li>
<li>Joss Stone - The Chokin Kind</li>
<li>Gavin Degraw - I Don't Wanna Be</li>
<li>Bob Dylan - The Times They Are A-Changin</li>
<li>Van Morrison - Moon Dance</li>
<li>Smokey Robinson - The Tracks of My Tears</li>
<li>Willie Nelson - Always On My Mind</li>
<li>Trippin Daisy - Prick</li>
<li>John Cale - Hallelujah</li>

<p>How does Hallelujah go? I love a song named that but I don't think it's by the same person...</p>

<p>Hallelujah is actually...Hallelujah - the religious song (even though I'm not religious)</p>

<p>And what I'm listening to right now is: Joni Mitchell <3 I feel a bit like a lesbian, but oh well....she calms me down.</p>

<p>hahahahaha, that cracked me up because i'm just picturing you there nodding your head along to joni mitchell</p>

<p>i'm listening to some questionable techno mix one of my guy friends burned me, more specifically "days go by" by dirty vegas. not exactly calming but i need an adrenaline rush to get through derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions</p>

<p>oh hey I just did that last week! have fun~ <em>sends sympathy</em>
I'm doing curve sketching now. eugh</p>

<p>I hate techno =/</p>

<p>I used my iTunes Party Shuffle:</p>

<li>"Cities in Dust" -Siouxsie and the Banshees</li>
<li>"My Friend"- Groove Armada</li>
<li>"Look Who's Perfect Now"-Transister</li>
<li>"Real Love"-Mary J. Blige</li>
<li>"Home"-Zero 7</li>
<li>"Philosophies with Strange Ideas"-Eddie Izzard</li>
<li>"Knees of My Bees"-Alanis Morissete</li>
<li>"It's a Fire"-Portishead</li>
<li>"Brown Skin" -India Arie</li>

<p>Now to my top 10 most favorite songs:</p>

<li>Unfinished Sympathy-Massive Attack</li>
<li>Home-Zero 7</li>
<li>Somersault-Zero 7</li>
<li>Don't Let it Bring You Down-Annie Lennos/Niel Young/Joseph Parsons </li>
<li>What Do Couples Fight About-Morcheeba</li>
<li>Hallelujah-Jeff Buckley</li>
<li>Destiny-Zero 7</li>
<li>Spinning-Zero 7</li>
<li>Last Goodbye-Jeff Buckely</li>
<li>Part of the Process-Morcheeba</li>
<li>Teardrop-Massive Attack</li>
<li>Portection-Massive Attack</li>
<li>Inertia Creeps-Massive Attack</li>
<li>Destiny-Zero 7</li>
<li>Last Goodbye-Jeff Buckley</li>
<li>The Scientist-Coldplay</li>
<li>Stolen Car-Beth Orton</li>
<li>Evolution Revolution Love-Tricky</li>
<li>Main Theme-Requiem for a Dream</li>

<p>Okay, that was more than 10.</p>

<p>All these songs called Hallelujah! I actually put that on my app but now I don't know which version I'm talking about.</p>

<p>Hey, Frenchie rocks!!!!!!!!! I'm a big Idol fan.</p>

<p>(I voted Fantasia; wanted LaToya to win, but she was kind of a bore...)</p>

<p>Oh, I like that Coldplay song a lot. </p>

<p>24 (if I counted correctly) in the bottom portion alone, swweeeet.</p>

<p>I officially put "Unfinished Sympathy" as my favorite song on my app, although I prefer others sometimes, its the most important.</p>

<p>I've never heard it before - what's it like?</p>

<p>60 sec 60 sec 60 sec</p>

<p>You've probably heard it but you didn't know it. It started a movement called "trip hop" although that genre name is not exactly fitting. It's a very beautiful song, there's a great singer and a great orchestral background.</p>

<p>Hmm, I'll be sure to download it.</p>

<p><em>yay</em> I try to recruit people to my musical tastes.'</p>

<p>btw. I like "such great heights," too and frou frou</p>

<p>they're both (i believe) in the "electronic" section of iTunes if you use that, as it massive attack, zero 7, portishead, tricky, delerium, etc.</p>

<p>there is nothing more attractive to me than a girl who knows how to i don't really listen much to guys. they just can't belt it the way a girl can (see: Joss Stone)</p>

<p>if i could, i would marry joss intellectual is she, i mean...she's BRITISH.</p>

<p>joss stone reminds me of anastacia</p>