College essay about feminism?

Someone please tell me if this topic is too sensitive and if i should write it if i’m planning to apply to a really selective university.

  • I want to write about feminism, but in a way how i have experienced it not in a cliche way, what i mean is, i had an experience where i was misjudged for being a girl while attending to an all boys club. How i have growth from that experience and how i want to help other women to raise their voice, BUT the problem is that i’m planning majoring in Biology, nothing related to it. But i’m planning to minor in gender, sexuality and feminism studies. Can my essay be about this topic if my major is not nearly close to it but my minor is? Is it too controversial? I’m really inspired about this essay but i’m really i don’t know if it’s the right one due to controversy

Your essay does not need to relate to your intended major.

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This. Your essay is about you, and it should tell the AOs something about you as a person. Writing about something that is important to you is a great way to do so. The topic is definitely not controversial, enough so that you should make sure to avoid clichés.

So it should be personal, in your voice, about you, not about feminism, and, remember, Show, Don’t Tell.

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Controversial issues can be an effective theme for an application essay if well written and revealing of certain traits. Your proposed topic is not considered to be a controversial topic in my view.

As shared above, one’s college application essays do not need to relate to one’s intended major.