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Hi, i am trying to write my college essay about an abusive household and i am having trouble starting it. I have also been researching and found out that your essay shouldn’t be too sad. I am more confused now. I don’t think I have any other specific thing to write about. If any of you guys can please give me your opinions if i should or not write about this topic? Or any tips for the whole essay structure. Thank you.

I can help you privately. I will PM you.

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Look at this thread first:

Don’t write about abuse. That is not what makes you, you. Essays are not confessionals. Think about what makes you happy or what interests you. Write about that.


Early in the pandemic when college dorms were closed, they still provided housing to internationals that couldn’t go home, to foster youth and to kids from abusive or non welcoming families. I’m not telling OP to write about it in her essay but I’m curious how schools find out about these personal issues if it isn’t in the application.

I have seen good essays about all kinds of topics, including “sad” ones. It depends on how it is written. As I wrote before, you can try this topic and send to me and I can help you decide.


Most importantly are you currently in a safe situation or in need of help? I am sure there are posters who can offer support over private message if you need assistance.


A student coming from this type of situation could use the Covid supplemental section on the common app to explain an issue like that.

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I think you could write about something difficult if it’s coming from the perspective of something you learned about yourself or something that serves as a ‘north star’ that guides you.

A way into an essay like this might begin with a very specific scene in which you learned that thing about yourself, or a scene where you are acting in a way that demonstrates your ‘north star.’ Paint a very specific picture of that scene – then back out and talk about how you learned it (which may well be because of your home life, but it was probably also reinforced by other moments in your life, too).

The ending might come back to the start – a nod to the moment you started with and a kicker that sets up the possibilities ahead.

I absolutely love this idea! I was having problems with how to structure my essay, and I think this is a great idea. I don’t exactly have that one moment that I learned something about myself because I constantly have times when I learn one different thing about myself and decide to change. So I am not sure what moment yet but I will think hard about this!


Don’t worry about structure at first. Just write what you want to say. I PM’ed you.

Hello! I am currently working on my college personal essay and I need some help. It’s been stressing me out a lot recently and hearing someone else’s opinion would help. Please PM me if you can review it. Thank you!