College Fit

Between USC, CMC, NYU, and Northwestern…

which would be the best fit if I am interested in technology/VC/entrepreneurship. I want to hopefully found my own company one day (West Coast). Maybe I’ll go into finance for a few years though.

Undecided major, though probably Econ/CS (also interested in liberal arts and film, would take engineering courses and other stuff----though if the college does not have that then fine)

No CS major at CMC:

CMC students can do off-campus majors at the other colleges in the consortium, but check whether CS at the other colleges has space.

Are you looking to transfer?

Didn’t you commit to WashU?

A year ago you chose Wash U. Is that correct? Are you hoping to transfer to one of the schools you mentioned here? Have you already been accepted?

accepted and yes

What school are you accepted into at USC and NYU?

CMC has a SV program in their school of Economics. Also a CS sequence in Math department. It sounds like you have multiple interests. CMC would be tempting. Good luck.

To be honest, I am worried that you will also be unhappy wherever you end up.

Because of that, I recommend USC. First, because there are more majors to choose from if you aren’t happy with your first choice, second, lots of sunshine and warm weather may help you feel better about being there, and third, LA isn’t a bad place to look into things related to your interests. Besides, if you want to set up your own company in the West Coast, it’s never too early to start establishing connections.

Yes you are transferring? And yes you have been accepted to the colleges you have listed here?

Hard to disagree with @MWolf. Academically, none of these choices are better or worse than WUSTL.

CMC has everything you’re looking for, except CS. You would take most of your CS classes at another college - probably Harvey Mudd or Pomona.