College of Charleston early action decision 2020

Hello!! I applied to CofC early action back in October. The website says we won’t receive a decision until February 1, yet two of my peers now who goto the same district as me with similar stats have gotten their acceptances already. Are they on a rolling basis based on stats like Clemson is? Please let me know!

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My D received her acceptance tonight as well. We were quite surprised to receive it so early, especially without any notice that it was coming.

Congratulations to her! What were your daughter’s stats? And is she instate?

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@sguilbert11 thank you! She is in-state. Her stats are:

GPA: 4.0 UW/5.390 W
Class Rank: 6/834
Many EC’s and a part-time job for the last year and a half

My daughter just got accepted to CofC yesterday as well.
We are out of state, she submitted SAT scores, nothing outstanding (1110), but lots of extra curriculars and volunteering

We haven’t received feedback yet, but D applied 12/1. Hopefully we hear soon.

Is there anyone else out there still waiting for an EA decision? Admissions posted on Twitter welcoming the class of 2025 but D still hasn’t heard… :flushed:

We have not heard either. Patiently waiting.

accepted into honors college with a 48k scholarship

were you invited to the Honors weekend? I think only those invited were the ones who have heard about Honors so far…or when did you hear?

I received my decision this morning for both CofC and CofC honors college

did you get two separate notices? we got acceptance last night for CofC but did not see anything about honors unless we missed it

this morning (8am) I got an email saying my cofc honors decision has been made and then like 20 mins after that I received another email saying that my CofC decision has been made and then that letter gave me my scholarship

i wish i could upload a picture to show you

thank you for sharing. this makes sense…still waiting on honors and hope that does not mean anything

My daughter was accepted but there was no mention of a merit scholarship or financial aid. She didn’t apply to the Honors program, even though her stats would have made her a competitive candidate. I wonder if this is why she didn’t receive a merit award. We love this college, but we can’t afford the OOS tuition without any merit aid. Does anyone know how many applicants COC received for EA? Or the acceptance rate for EA this year?

Has anybody heard from Honors yet (apart from those invited to the scholarship weekend event)? One person posted they were admitted via the portal to both honors and the college. They said decisions will be released by Feb 15th- wondering if it is rolling or if everyone will hear together and that one situation was an anomoly?

Did you find an answer to your question? My DD will be applying with about a 3.7/3.8 average and I’m concerned if they are being stingy with merit. My son had a way lower average and was offered 10,000 last year, so I don’t understand. Did she go in declared?

My daughter did end up receiving $9000/year. As an OOS student, it didn’t bring tuition down low enough to make CofC a contender.

Did you ever find out why there was a delay? Most people say they get the merit with the acceptance.