College of Charleston Early Decision / Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

College of Charleston offers both Early Decision and Early Action for freshman admissions.

The Early Decision (ED) deadline for Fall 2022 admission is October 15.

All ED1 applications should receive an admissions decision by December 1. Last year, College of Charleston admitted 206 of the 250 applicants who applied early decision. The acceptance rate was 82.4%.

The Early Action (EA) deadline for Fall 2022 admission at College of Charleston is November 1.

All early action applicants should receive an admissions decision by December 15. Last year, College of Charleston admitted 6,258 of the 7,500 applicants who applied Early Action. The acceptance rate was 83.44%. For more information visit the College of Charleston page on College Confidential.

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The College of Charleston is one of very few colleges with an archaeology major focused on the Americas. It is a big draw for my son who applied EA. We don’t know much about the school, but the City of Charleston is amazing…any experienced parents with advice?

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I’ll try this again… my OOS daughter applied Early Action to the College of Charleston and also to the Honors College. About three weeks until the Dec 15th decision date and DD is anxiously awaiting a decision! Good luck to all!


does anyone know that time early decision notifications will come out on Wednesday?

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I am a parent of a current CoC junior and we live locally. Happy to answer questions.

There are some very unique hands-on opportunities for undergrads with archeology in the Lowcoutry. There are active digs going on many times right downtown when construction takes place.

Son is a historic preservation major and there are a lot of cross over classes. The Geology and Classics Departments have been fabulous as well.


The dates were a little different last year, but I just looked at D21’s email she forwarded last year and it was 10:19 in the morning when they sent a notification email.

Note if you are hoping for a big reveal…they did not make them log into the portal last year it was right in the email and the subject line was Congratulations.

Good luck! If she is invited to the honors college weekend make sure she responds to the emails. It is a big deal - hopefully in person this year.

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Thank you so much!! She applied to the honors college too early decision so we will see!


Are the EA decisions December 1? For some reason I thought I remembered it being December 15!

The CoC website for Early Action says both “ON December 15th” and “by December 15th”:

“Receive your decision on: December 15.Early action is non-binding and provides you with your admission decision by December 15.”


I am assuming no one heard? I am starting to think it will be a dump on the 15th…

I have read in multiple posts that the admissions office with post a notice on Instagram announcing decisions will be released that day. No notice appeared today…


I just saw on Instagram that they announced the ED decisions and someone asked about Early Action and CofC replied, “Students who applied EA will learn their admissions decision on December 15.”


Son applied EA and also to honors college. We’ve been assuming the decisions will come out on the 15th together.

For our CofC hopefuls counting down to EA decisions -

Cute welcome videos with some ED Acceptances and Dr. Hsu.

And a fun “Night before finals” video they shared this week, too. The lights at the cistern this time of year are beautiful.


anyone know what time decisions come out tmrw?

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Good question

No. Was hoping it would be today. Daughter got deferred ED from BU. She needs a win lol


The dates were different last year, but I just looked at when D21’s email was sent and it was 5:10pm. It was probably already in the portal.

The email will most likely have the news - they have not forced logging into the portal in the past.