College of William and Mary Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Thought I’d start a thread for regular decision 2025 for W&M. I wish we didn’t have to wait until April! I’ve heard that a few people received cypher postcards (not my son) in the last few days. Anyone here heard anything? Good luck to all!


What is a cypher postcard?

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Nothing here yet (all the way up in New England) but that’s exciting!

Cypher was received here last Thurs, complete with a short sign-off from the admissions dean! In-state; very excited to know admission already.


Congratulations!!! Do you mind sharing your GPA and if you went test optional or not?

Sure, but I do not think it is all numbers; it seems to be a holistic -based decision on the “top” group of admits who get the cards, based on at least one in school ranked higher who did not get one, and similar situations last year. DD has at or above 750 on each section, one sitting, and has a cumulative 3.9 UW/9APs; 4.0 UW last yr and currently.


Yep- I get that. Just curious to see stats from accepted students in the RD round. I definitely understand that there’s more too it than GPA/SAT. Thanks for sharing and congrats again!

the postcards are not in any kind of order where a “top” group gets them first. it may just depend where in the pile the application is and the progress of the admission officer. they will be arriving throughout the month, so there are many more to come out soon, good luck all! GO TRIBE!!
(If your classmate didn’t get one, they may get one in a couple of weeks, it doesn’t mean they won’t get one… )


Does W&M require senior midyear report? Thanks

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I just received a likely letter!! So excited! I’m out of state, 4.0 UW/4.6 W, 35 ACT & 1500 SAT.


True, good point. An excerpt the Admissions blog posted above:

Only a small percentage (roughly 25%) of our admitted students receive a postcard . This means that roughly 75% of our admitted students do not receive a postcard . So what determines who gets a postcard and who doesn’t? To be completely honest, it is primarily the luck of the draw. We do not read applications in any specific order. Because of this, some applications get read early, while others get read later on. Those who get read early and have extraordinary credentials are those who get postcards. Those who are read at the end of the process (for no fault of their own), and who present extraordinary credentials, do not.”

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i got a cypher postcard today!! im out of state (maryland) 3.91UW/4.72W, 1540 SAT


Just read the blog - a bit strange. It said some send we anticipate good news letters. If they have good news, why not send it? What if they sent that to someone and then they got rejected? hmmmm. Just hope we have a decision April 1. The hard part is - it doesn’t seem there’s merit (or much) at W&M. It’s perfect but pricey.

Funny, it used to have the reputation of being a really good bargain back when I went there in the 90’s. Was hoping that was still the case!

do regular decisions always come out on april 1? or is there a chance to receive one earlier?

The post card means barring a significant issue(as in something that would get you rescinded), you are accepted. Why they don’t just send an official acceptance is the same reason ivies and many other selective schools who use likely-letters don’t: because then they would essentially have “rolling” admissions which is not how they are set up. From College Vine(many other sites say similar):
"Likely letters help selective schools maintain their high yields by keeping top applicants interested and engaged with them, while they wait to make official admissions decisions in late March and early April. Many top US schools have policies where they must wait to notify all applicants of their admissions decisions simultaneously, but a likely letter is a way for admissions officials to circumvent these policies—letting an applicant know of their “likely” admission. A likely letter demonstrates the school’s interest in the student, flatters them, leads to a more positive impression of the school, and increases the odds of the student matriculating. "


Appreciate the answer.

It’s funny - colleges teach ethics and yet this seems to be allowable but certainly violating the spirit of the informing everyone together rule. It could also, due to these 3rd parties, make one think they got denied if they haven’t gotten a letter.

Appreciate the response though - makes sense from a business POV.

I won’t tell my daughter - she’d feel she’s not getting in.


Good luck to all 2025 applicants. I am just now visiting CC again after some time away. As an alum (majored in History), I am willing to answer questions that parents and/or applicants may have. I was an out of state student (from New Hampshire) who participated in many on-campus organizations. I enjoyed my time at W&M very much and the least I can do is help those who may have questions or concerns.


Congrats! :slight_smile:

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