College of William and Mary Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Best part: Packers green and yellow color motif as presented in ball caps, hoodies, sweat pants, etc., will suffice for showing W&M school spirit.


That’s the one reason I (jokingly) I tried to talk my daughter into the U of IL instead of W&M.

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excellent point! I’m choosing between W&M and one other school and this just might be the deciding factor :crazy_face:

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Hey i’m also in state and was accepted, i still haven’t gotten the swag package yet? anyone else?

An hour away- no box here yet.

Not yet (elsewhere in VA).

For those keeping score: Swag box arrived yesterday at our house in Fairfax Co via UPS.

Swag box came yesterday to San Diego - so cool!

Live in richmond, expecting to recieve it tomorrow!

Was waitlisted, got an email today welcoming me saying I was admitted, but nothing yet in my portal. Really hope it isn’t a glitch!

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Check Reddit. Sounds like a few people mentioning glitches on there.

They likely won’t move people off WL til May. We declined WL.

D21 and DH are planning a trip to WIlliamsburg to see the college and surrounding área
next Monday. I know there is a self guided tour, but are there any other “can’t miss” places that they should visit?

Swag box arrived in Massachusetts on Saturday! Love that W&M did that!

We visited last summer - it’s a compact and really beautiful campus. We didn’t see much but the tourist area nearby. The issue with the tourist area (really nice) but it comes with tourist prices. Cute little restaurants.

The “shopping” seemed a mile or so away. I know students take buses there.

You might find an “ambassador” via linked in - maybe they’d tour you privately for a small donation.

Honestly, I believe, with the self guided tour and just driving the circumference of the school, you’ll get a good feel.

I hope they get a nice sunny day! Along with the campus, I would recommend walking around Merchant’s Square, and down Duke of Gloucester Street (students call it Dog Street). Merchant’s Square is a pedestrian area with shops and restaurants. Many students get coffee at Aromas, and the Mellow Mushroom is popular for dinner (but maybe not on a Monday). There are likely to be students in the college bookstore also. On Saturdays, they hold farmers markets and artisan fairs in Merchant’s Square. The official colonial Williamsburg area stretches down Dog St. to the Capitol building. On a nice day, there will be students walking and running down and back.

Other places students might be hanging out after classes are: on the porches of the sorority houses (Sorority Court is right near Merchant’s Square), around the Sunken Garden, and in front of Sadler.

I love the amphitheater at Lake Matoaka. Right now they are holding fitness classes there because it’s covered but open to the outdoors. There are campfires in the surrounding woods on Friday nights, instead of the usual adventure trips (hiking, rock climbing) they would be doing. They are canoeing on the lake, biking, and bike camping (to get off campus without piling into a van).

I hope your DH and D21 have a great visit! If your D is interested in something in particular in the community, just let me know in case I can help.


Thank you @tsbna44. The “amasador” idea is great

Thank you @3SailAway. We will definately put these on the list to see.
Do you know if the students can use the meal plan dollars at some of the establishments in Merchant’s Square?

Very unfortunate news; hope none of you were impacted. Another example of how this has been a tough year for college applications: