College of William & Mary ED1 2025

2 weeks and counting folks. Let’s start a discussion as we get closer to December 4, 2020 when the ED1 acceptences come. I am male OOS. 3.98 UW. 4.56 weighted. 1350 SAT. Heavy rigor with 7 APs thru senior year. Good ECs with good teacher recommendations. If you applied ED1 2025, Give us your stats to see where we all stand as we head toward decision day.


Adding to my post yesterday, i was accepted to UGA yesterday (EA) which is my number 2. Of course, W&M is my number 1. Last year i was told not to waste my time with W&M due to the low 1350. But i am essentially a 4.0 with high rigor so why would i not get in particularly ED1? This is going to be very interesting to see if i am right. To me, UGA is great and costs 15K less per year so i win no matter what. Regardless i think ED1 W&M is likely for me with these stats. But we shall see.

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@rvgros22, Congratulations on your acceptance to UGA.

If I remember correctly, no one told you that it would be a waste of time to apply with those stats…people told you that a 4.0 GPA alone does not assure acceptance, as you seemed to think. People were reacting to the tone of your writing.

Admissions is especially tough for out-of-state students, who will only comprise 1/3 of acceptances. Students with both higher and lower stats than you will be rejected and accepted. You may be accepted to W&M and you may not, like anyone else applying. Many applicants will also have 4.0 GPAs and high rigor, along with a range of test scores (or none) and fine personal qualities. Holistic admissions means the school is looking for a close fit to student culture…and I don’t believe W&M’s culture is one of arrogance.

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I am not arrogant just pragmatic. For example, i know full well that ivy is different. 1350 does knock me out of the ballgame completely. I wish i could get into an ivy but its just not going to happen But W&M is simply not an ivy but is a great fit for me. But i could be wrong which would mean i will have Georgia on my mind. Thanks for the feedback.

Are you from in state or out of state? Because i know the acceptance rates for out of state are much lower which is why I am terrified

It is my best guess the decisions are going to come out sometime this Friday, and from what I have read an email titled “good things” is an acceptance and an email titled “admissions update” is a defer or rejection. Does anyone know what time of day the decision will likely come out?

I think they’re using a portal this year! The email they sent after I applied mentioned the decision would be released through it.

I was so nervous about emailed decisions before that I just turned off my email notifications. Don’t want it spoiled by the subject line lol


Hi! I also applied ED1 to W&M. I think decisions will come out around 6 pm on Friday, but I have no idea since they may be using the portals this year. Good luck to everyone!

I applied ED1 to W&M and I’ll be at work on Friday lol. But also I don’t see myself getting in. Can someone please tell me to stop re reading my god awful supplemental essay.

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I would be interested to know if in state or OOS. Plus your stats if you applied ed1 2025. I assume in state will be brutal because you folks are getting quite the bargain with that low tuition. The way i see it, i think i have a great chance being a male and 3.98 with high rigor. My SAT is a bit low at 1350 though.

What state are you from?

@rvgros22 , I’d love to know more about your ECs and awards. Your stats are impressive but W&M does have a holistic approach to applications.

I’m actually in state myself, but where is everyone else from?

I am from Mass… As far as my ECs., good sports involvement, heavy charity work and a lot of club activity in my high school. ECs are subjective so i guess you never know. I have been told by my high school advisors that the only weakness is sat so i am taking their word for it. And your stats?

I think the decisions will be 5pm this Friday because it was 1st Friday in Dec at 5 pm the last number of years. . Its interesting. If you applied ED, the path of your life is on the line here. We will either be off to Williamsburg or someplace completely different. Most apply for RD so they can sit back and choose. We are different
It’s all on the line here folks

I applied ED1 as well! I am from NJ and have a 4.1 Weighted GPA (our school does not have unweighted) with a 1370 SAT. I took 6 APs and two honors courses. One of my letters of Rec is from my AP Gov teacher who got a master’s from W&M and was a researcher there (I think my letters of Rec are really strong from both teachers). For ECs… I’m a captain/coach/director of communications for Speech and Debate, captain of the varsity tennis team, I play ten instruments and teach piano, teach pickleball, and have perfect pitch. I also took a class for credit at W&M and took two non-credit courses a U Mich. Also, I was selected to participate in Boy’s State this summer and am in a couple of honors societies. I also have awards in tennis, music, and speech and debate I’m really counting on my ECs and letter of Recs I think. Good luck to all!

Hello everyone,
I’ve applied ED1 and I’m definitely getting some jitters as the decision date draws closer. A deferment/rejection would be tough, but a relative of mine gave me some solid advice: Go to a school where you are wanted.

Anyone who has signed themselves up for W&M’s academic rigor is a kick-butt, awesome person. If W&M doesn’t see that, another college will. :slight_smile:


Wow! I can’t believe I’ve finally made a college confidential account after so much time stalking these forums :wink:

I’m from in-state and applied ED1 to W&M. I LOVE all the positivity going on in this forum; the people really make the school what it is, and this positivity has me convinced that I made the right choice in signing that ~nerve-wracking~ binding agreement.

@pinkskink your relative’s advice is top notch! I’ll be holding on to that on Friday afternoon. We’ll all end up where we’re meant to be (and hopefully that place is Williamsburg)

Best of luck to everyone, stay busy, and I’ll see you on the other side! (insert Hamilton soundtrack here)


sorry guys idk why but my pone was glitching so i accidentally posted twice and i can’t figure out how to delete this lol

Hi everyone! I am from MD and William and Mary is my dream school! I have a 1400 SAT, 4.7 GPA (3.95 UW), 12 AP’s, and 2DE’s. I also play a varsity sport, run a club, have quite a few extracurriculars, and am part of 3 national honors societies. I am sooooooo nervous for the decisions to come out because I am OOS but hopefully we will all get in and I will see you on campus next year!


I’m an in state student and applied ED1. I have a 4.2 weighted and my school doesn’t do unweighted. I’ve taken 7 AP’s throughout high school and I want to study film and media. I am involved in a lot outside of school but most notable I’m the editor in chief of the yearbook, I’ve played piano for 11 years, and I’m a cross fit athlete.
Also idk how important it is but I’m Native American, African American, and white
-I don’t think I’m going to get in but there’s always manifestation. I’m very nervous but I find comfort in knowing if it’s not W&M I’ll end up somewhere I’m supposed to be
Good luck everyone :slight_smile: