College Official's Report: Reluctance from my School

<p>I'm interested in applying for transfer to Carnegie and Stanford both of which require this form to be filled out by the dean or whoever from my school. Contacting the counselors office I was directed to the dean of student affairs. Calling his office I get a receptionist who had no idea what I was talking about as if I was delusional, transferring my call to another department where I left a voicemail... Assuming I get a call back I don't believe who I was transferred is the right person. </p>

<p>What am I suppose to do? </p>

<p>Moreover, according to the directions not only is this dean suppose to fill the form out but also send the it WITH my transcripts. I really don't foresee any of this happening as nobody at my school, who works in an area that would be qualified to fill the form out, puts anymore effort than their job description requires into helping students.</p>

<p>Do you not have a specific counselor you have been working with at your current school? If not, go see these people and bring the paper with you. Once they see the content, they will be able to assist. </p>

<p>If you just say "I need the College Officials Report completed.". Some people may not know exactly what that is...</p>

<p>I am having the SAME PROBLEM at my school. I do not know what to do! I saw the counselor, he said he has never heard of the form. So he forwards it to the Records office, whom say they will fill it out and forward it to the Dean for the disciplinary section. But I have no idea how they will rate my ECs and personal traits if they do not know me!</p>

<p>Yeah... Nobody at my school knows me. From what I read on other posts it's not uncommon for the opinion on the student to be left blank but that considered, what is the point?!?! Whoever is able to fill this form out knows nothing more about me than the admissions committee will know from my submitted transcripts. </p>

<p>As for counselors, they are unhelpful. With a slight exception to the faculty, nobody in administration or counseling does anything more than required for their paycheck. Counselors require appointments to even see and usually they are filled for the entire semester come a week or two after the beginning. And they know nothing. When I decided to major in Computer Science they would just pull out the IGETC and hand it me... A list of general education requirements that are not at all required for transfer and would've only wasted two years of my time. </p>

<p>School starts again next week and my friend said something about making an appointment with the dean. I have no idea if such a thing is possible as the school he goes to, the staff actually cares about the students and their success. Not so at my school. But I will try.</p>