College Student May Face Expulsion for Listing Dorm Room on Airbnb

“A Boston college student could be expelled for trying to rent his dorm room on Airbnb … A petition on says Jack Worth was trying to offset the expense of attending Emerson College” …

Hilarious! Gotta admire his creativity, but clearly prohibited by school policy.

I would think just kicking him out of student housing while allowing him to remain enrolled as a student living off campus would be more fair than a full blown expulsion.

Now that’s creative. :slight_smile:

This isn’t a kid who accidentally broke the rules and promised never to do it again. I’d say the school should ban him from student housing.

"Undeterred, the student is still actively campaigning for his right to post his room on Airbnb. His current Facebook profile picture shows him and two friends wearing T-shirts that read ‘Life. Liberty. Airbnb.’ and ‘We came. We saw. We stayed. (At Jack’s).’ "

I’m surprised no one is addressing the safety issues with allowing random strangers access to residence halls. His classmates won’t be quite so supportive when their property is damaged or stolen or someone gets assaulted.

Also, the petition is totally misleading – all student handbooks have boilerplate regarding “penalties up to and excluding expulsion” – the kid was fined $150. If he keeps letting strangers stay in his room, they’ll kick him out of housing. Expulsion is not on the table.

That is a clever way to make money as a college student but I guess safety comes first.

Expel him and let him work at Airbnb.

Got to admire the student’s entrepreneurial spirit, but I don’t think security on any campus would tolerate strangers in their dorms. Maybe the kid should get some wheels and do Uber gigs in his spare time. He could still be part of the sharing economy!

Maybe he could start a business called eGrub and auction off his unused dining-plan meals.

Now it’s time for the couch surfing sight for him!

I love his ingenuity and think it’s awesome that he tried it! He is a disruptor, and Steve Jobs would be very proud of him!

How about the Columbia kid who opened a restaurant in his dorm room!

Quite funny but it most definitely cant be allowed since the legal liability of any untoward incident would only fall on the university’s shoulders not this misguided kid. Anyone who supports this kid should consider what you might say if your teenaged son were to rent out his room at the family home to some random dude while he goes to a college dorm.

I wonder if he got any takers…The article said he listed it in January so he was probably shut down before he could actually rent it. I wonder if anyone would have…

And did he have a roommate?

Honestly, while he did neglect student policy when making his choices, and he still is, I do not believe he should be expelled from the university. Such measures should be reserved solely for large breaches in safety or large disruptions. I think that he should still be allowed to go the university; however, if he is still crusading against their policy and is not adhering to rooming rules, he should be removed from the housing unit (not for the entirety of his student career, but maybe for this school year or something).

LOL @khanam , my parents are thinking of doing that xD

@jackisawesome ahahaha! you are in that ad where the kid comes home during summer break and the parents are proudly showing off how they renovated the house and he realizes his old bedroom is now as small as a closet!

Until he rents to someone with a gun.