Colleges for biz with small class sizes

Please help!! Looking for a school that…

  • Has smaller(ish) class sizes for kid with minor learning disabilities
  • Not super competitive. Kid has really good grades for grade-level college prep classes but no AP classes and not submitting test scores.
  • Has business and communication type majors and classes and more than just an econ major so small liberal art schools tend to be out.
  • Is preferably not affiliated with any religion (but would consider), not in the middle of nowhere, and has a medium(ish) sized student body

Familiar with Elon but striking out finding any others. Any other suggestions?

How about TCU and Denver? Babson?

Elon is a good fit

Lots of Jesuit colleges would fit the bill if a Catholic college is acceptable (ex Fordham Fairfield and many others). Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities--Jesuit Colleges and Universities Many are mid-size universities with smaller classes often in/near urban areas.

A few other ideas: Quinnippiac, Marist, URichmond, Bucknell


I’d add the University of San Diego. New business school building set to open in the Fall of 2022.

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Bentley? Bryant?

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Thanks! Will take a look at those. Unfortunately I think Babson may be a tad too competitive.

Thank you. We think so too but just in case he doesn’t get in would like another option.

Thank you, didn’t think about U of Richmond so will check that one out. Bucknell I think may be a bit too competitive and unfortunately didn’t like Quinnipiac or Marist.


Thank you. Unfortunately didn’t have great tours at either of those schools but definitely will look again.

I think UR’s acceptance rate is lower than Bucknell’s.

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Seconding Quinnipiac. Not sure if it’s across all majors, but engineering classes are capped at 24. Medium sized school (<10,000) in a gorgeous setting next to a mountain but everything you’d want is in town (Hamden), or next door, in New Haven. Strong support (S has accommodations) and strong in Business/Communications.

If Bucknell is too competitive then unfortunately URichmond may be too competitive as well.

Another Catholic option could be Siena.

If you are going to visit Elon might be worth checking out near by High Point Medium size, has Bus and Comm major and believe also has a pretty well regarded program for students who may need some accommodations.

University of South Florida St. Petersburg Campus

Smaller campus of about 4500 compared to main campus across the Bay of 30,000.
You apply directly to the St Petersburg campus

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Look at Butler with a brand new $100M business building, College of Charleston, Creighton, Ithaca, JMU, Susquehanna.

There are quite a few LACs with business majors…just to highlight a few good ones: Illinois Wesleyan, Lake Forest College, Skidmore, Franklin and Marshall, Rhodes, Juniata, Roanoke. Not sure about all of their LD services, but something to look in to.

Search further here: College Search - BigFuture | College Board

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A couple of other ideas might be Bryant University in RI and SUNY New Paltz (not sure about class sizes for intro courses but it is a mid-sized college).

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Check Fordham business school at Rose Hill campus. Outside of Manhattan, beautiful campus, easy train ride to visit downtown.

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The interesting thing about business majors at larger schools is the dichotomy between foundational business classes and those further along in the major’s progression. Some early business classes can have 50-100+ students in a large lecture hall. By the time a student is a junior, or senior, though, classes may have 15-20 students in them. I wouldn’t rule out a school, or program based on a 200 level intro finance class with 150 kids in it.

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