Colleges for biz with small class sizes

Aww ok thanks, then yes it may be a little too competitive.

Thank you!

Great, thanks!

Thank you! Haven’t heard of a few of those so will take a look.

Thank you! Unfortunately, didn’t like Bryant but will take a look at New Paltz.

Thanks! Are all the classes at that campus do you know or do kids have to go to the other Fordham campuses?

Thanks! Definitely not ruling anything out at this point (I personally liked large classes…) but seems to do better in a smaller class setting.

What state are you from and is cost a consideration?

My S graduated from the b-school at Fordham (Rose Hill) - he did not need to take classes at another campus.

He did have to go to the LC campus to see a couple of shows for his theater class but that was no issue. He also spent a summer in Manhattan at the LC campus with some friends and took one course there while doing his summer internship – but that was his choice.

FWIW my S was also a good but not exceptional student who wanted a mid-sized college on the east coast with a business school preferably in an urban area with not huge classes. We weren’t particularly looking for a Catholic college but many Jesuit schools fit the bill for him. He had a fantastic experience at Fordham. Some others on our list were St. Joes, UScranton, LoyolaMD, and Fairfield. He also liked Bentley a lot but in the end decided he didn’t want such a business focused college (which is just personal preference).

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Thanks! I did check it out and looks about the same and same as far as competitiveness so probably not a good fit unfortunately.

Thank you! Good to hear they have good accomodations. Will look at Quinnipiac again. Unfortunately, he didn’t really like how there were different campuses and felt a little isolated but can’t have everything! :slight_smile:

Yep, I think you’re right. Thank you! Didn’t realize they were about the same as far as acceptance and competitiveness.

Creighton as listed above came to mind. They have a new million dollar business school remodel that’s decently ranked and the students there tend to be happy.

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We’re looking for something similar for my S22. Here’s what we have on our potential list so far.

Butler, Miami OH, Univ of Dayton, Xavier, Rollins, Univ of Tampa, UVM, Univ of Denver, Elon, and Providence.

St Joe’s in Philly, Loyola MD, Sacred Heart, and Fairfield may be a few others to consider.

As mentioned previously, many of the mid-sized schools with business tend to be Catholic but I don’t think any of these are overly religious. All of these offer merit $$ if that’s a consideration (although Elon and PC don’t offer much).

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Manhattan College has a variety of Business majors and its School Of Liberal Arts has a Communications major as well as similar majors like Digital Arts, Film Studies, International Studies, etc.

Bradley U’s Foster College of Business has several business majors like Finance, Marketing, and Management. And its Slane College of Communications and Fine Arts has Communications and related majors.

I second Butler and others mentioned by @MAmom111 .

UNC-Asheville (3700 students)

University of Mary Washington (4300 students)

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home state, budget and gpa/other qualifications would be helpful.

They really don’t. There is a main campus, and then jr/sr housing complex and hockey stadium are in another area. Not walkable but only a 3 min drive and there are nonstop shuttles. Wouldn’t really call it another campus, more like an upper and lower. The third “campus” is only for healthcare majors. It is in another town.

It is a religious school, but Samford University in Birmingham seems to meet the other qualifications. They have really put a lot into their business program in recent years and they have always had some great professors. They are not super competitive and have several business majors as well as communication majors.

We are in CT. Cost is a consideration but for the right school, we would make it work. Would prefer schools on the east side of the country but again, open to all suggestions.