Colleges for biz with small class sizes

Thank you! Unfortunately our son is trying to stay away from the Catholic/Jesuit schools primarily because most seem to have some religious studies requirements and there are a lot of other classes he wants to take. :slight_smile: Will give Fordham another look thanks!

Thanks! Not sure I could talk him into both a Catholic/Jesuit school and Omaha but does look like a really nice school!

Thank you! yes, that’s the problem we’re running into with most being Catholic/Jesuit schools. He toured a few and was like ummm no. One had a 4 class religious studies type requirement so turned him off right away. Thank you for the list! Will look at some of those others.

Thank you! Wow Butler keeps coming up. I think we’ll add that one to our list!

Thank you!

I think Samford unfortunately would be a bit too religious for him but thank you!

I know you said not economics…but I think this program is worth considering.

I absolutely understand that concern. A Jesuit school would not have worked so well for my D – she had a set of interests she was eager to pursue in college and the large core would have been a hindrance to that.

My S had very few free electives at Fordham between the large core curriculum and the business program. The positive side is that I felt he got a very strong and wide-reaching liberal arts education even as a business major.

If it hasn’t been mentioned already, Muhlenberg may be another college to consider if a LAC is OK.


When looking at Butler you may also want to make sure to research the neighborhood where it is located. Just to make sure it is a fit.

Can you elaborate a bit on that? I toured the school with my D20 and the neighborhood seemed fine, one area actually looked fairly upscale. My S22 is looking at it this week. Would love any insight.


Yes. Several years ago when were looking at schools for our son and planning a possible trip to Indiana U. We would of had to fly in out of Indianapolis and looked at also visiting Butler. Fairly or not Butler never made it on our list because of articles like this we found at the time.

. Butler-Tarkington and Crown Hill neighborhoods seeing ongoing violence |

If Butler had been at the top of our list as it seems to be with you we would have definitely visited to see first hand. We had an experience in visiting Skidmore and Union College on the same day. We knew that parts of Schenectady where Union is have seen better days. Saratoga Springs where Skidmore could not possibly be more idyllic.

He ended up applying to Union because of the academics, the style of the campus and the mix of students. Skidmore was not a fit and we scratched it off our list. Knowing in advance of our trip to Union we took some extra time to explore the surrounding area and it was not enough of an issue for him to not want to apply or us being comfortable with him there

Thanks! Miami is actually on our list. :slight_smile:

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Not familiar with Muhlenberg. Will check it out, thanks! And yes unfortunately, some of these schools with so many required classes will feel like high school for our son. Hard to find a good balance of everything.

Ohhh thank you!

Toured Miami today. What a beautiful campus. I would try to visit if you can.

Anybody mention DePauw? If you check out Butler then I think it’s easy to check out DePauw.

Have heard it’s a great campus and people really like it. It’s definitely on our list! So hard to visit them all though. :frowning:

Thank you!