Colleges for international students

I’m working on my college list, and I really need some help: which colleges are the best for international students?
It would be great if you could name some that don’t have such a high acceptance rate and that has financial aid.

You will now need to look for those colleges which have at least one in-person class. Read here to have a better understanding of what international students need to look for before applying for US colleges.

A bit late to the party but my 2 cents:

It’s too early to compile a list of schools right now because COVID is changing the college admissions landscape. Many universities are facing painful budget shortfalls that might result in fewer financial aid opportunities next year. Standardized testing may not be available and may get dropped from the criteria for admission, which would have to change how scholarships are awarded. International students are facing travel and visa restrictions to beginning their studies, if they have the courage to venture into our virus hot zone at all.

Universities are currently scrambling to figure out how to reopen this fall. I wouldn’t expect updated admission information until September or October.

For future reference, many of the top 50 [National Liberal Arts College]( in the past offered need-based aid to international students. The [Financial Aid & Scholarship]( sub-forum here on College Confidential aggregates lists of universities with large merit-based scholarships.

By the way, there’s no such thing as an American college with a high acceptance rate for aid-seeking international students. The competition is fierce for those limited spots.