Colleges going test optional - should international students submit SAT scores?

Hi, I am an international student planning to apply to US colleges this year. I recently took the SAT (29 August), but the reading section did not go as I expected and my score will probably not reflect my abilities. I will receive results in about two-three weeks, but the deadline for registration for the next date (3 October) is in two days, on 4 September. I will not have my results by then, so I don’t know whether I will actually be satisfied with my results, but I assume I won’t be. However, the nearest test center with seats available is more than 200 miles away from where I live (I am a full scholar in a boarding school in a foreign country, so I would have to travel there on my own), and my single mom is struggling with many financial issues, so it would be a burden on her if she was to pay for my test, and additionally - cover travel and accommodation expenses. What should I do in this situation? Should I not register for the next date of SAT and apply without test scores if my results are not satisfying? Or will applying without test scores as an international student put me in a disadvantaged position, and it’s better to register for the test regardless of the expenses? Or maybe it’s best to apply with the scores I get (should be above 1400, and I plan to apply to colleges where 25th percentile is around 1450, but may be lower, I really don’t know what to expect), and include an explanation as to why my results are relatively low (I had to prepare alone because of the virus and schools shutting down, my family was facing many problems because of the pandemic)? What would your advice be, because I am aware that the selection process for international students tends to be different, often more rigorous and selective.

Many schools are going test optional this year, so you would have to build your application based on your grades, LOR’s and your activities. It’s your decision to retake your test.

If you are applying to universities in the US, and are asking for financial aid, as an international student, then you need to be aware that funding will be limited and your chances will be limited because Covid has impacted the universities’ funding.

Regarding why your score may be low, don’t use this:

Everyone in the states is impacted by Covid-19. You won’t be the only one who was affected by the pandemic.

I agree with Aunt Bea.