Colleges like Georgetown University

Georgetown isn’t test optional. If you took a test, you must submit the scores.


CUNY-Brooklyn (Brooklyn College.) The City College of New York (CCNY.)

Clarifying….applicants to Gtown must summit ALL their ACT/SAT test scores, from every sitting. There’s no score choice, or test optional option for applicants who have taken a test(s).


Yep. Undergraduate Admissions | 2021-2022 Undergraduate Bulletin | Georgetown University

Observation: @courtney1 seems to be asking for info about schools with a similar size and atmosphere to Georgetown. Independent of religious affiliation. And not as selective.

Many universities have a vibrant college town area around them… for the obvious reason that nearby businesses would like to attract the nearby customers.

Note: I did not say “all”; I said “many”.

Look for schools that match you academically, that have the program[s] that you are interested, and winnow from there.