Colleges requiring vaccines….for faculty/staff

Well Northwestern just announced they will be requiring vaccines for faculty and staff. They like students can request an exemption (including for personal non religious reasons while EUA in effect) but are subject then to mask wearing and twice weekly testing. I don’t know if any other universities have done the same. The announcement suggests that once there is full approval, it’s get the vaccine or be fired if you’ve asked for the personal exemption.

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Is this different then when they announced it back in May? There was an Aug 1st deadline but there were some exceptions. Did they remove those now? Maybe we missed something.

Many colleges, including some public, have a vaccine requirement. And if they sue they will lose as did the healthcare workers in Houston that a judge agreed could be fired.

Taking politics out of it, the # of covid cases have dropped as the # of vaccinations have risen. Yes, few have side effects but all in all being vaccinated is why these kids can go back.

So I hope to see a surge of vaccinations before September 1. I don’t want schools to have to close again.

The Arkansas governor said 99% of our cases and 99% of our continued deaths are people not vaccinated. It’s time to put this to bed and colleges will help.

Here’s a list of who is requiring vaccinations:



I believe that list is for students. Does it specifically include faculty and staff?

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I guess you are right. Didn’t see one but I see NYU, Yale and Penn are requiring faculty. I would assume if a college requires it that it would be for everyone. Nonetheless hopefully we’ll see a surge in vaccinations. All these supersoreading July 4 events could set us back. I hope not.

Nope, you can’t assume that. Most universities don’t seem to have yet included faculty and other staff. That’s why I started this as a different thread than the one about students. The northwestern announcement came many weeks after the student announcement. So did U Penn’s. Wondering if this will become more of the norm.

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They can’t afford to have profs not in class. Big money is at stake. These colleges can’t disappoint again.

I would assume most professors have been vaccinated naturally. I hate to say it like this but and I say this without researching but I’m hypothesizing that the ‘educated’ are likely vaccinated. It’s the rural, less educated places…ie rural south (and I live in TN) that is lacking vaccination, mask wearing when it was required, and other forms of common sense.

It’s also the areas where covid has surged a bit the last two weeks.

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Bowdoin is requiring all faculty and staff to be vaccinated in addition to students. Medical exemptions will be considered for anyone, religious exemption only considered for faculty and staff, not students. Vaccination Policy Information  | Bowdoin College

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Columbia and Barnard are also requiring covid shots for faculty and staff.

I’m at NYU, and virtually all of the faculty and grad students I know got their shots as soon as they were eligible. Most of us hate teaching online and can’t wait to be back in the classroom.


I get it - you’re a guinea pig for getting the shot that was approved so quickly - but dang - the results speak for themselves.

Hopefully common sense will rule out. If we have any colleges go on line only this year, they won’t be on the list of schools requiring vacicnation.

CU Boulder is requiring vaccines for all faculty and staff. Medical or non-medical exemptions can be submitted.

Notre Dame requires all faculty and staff to be vaccinated, subject to certain exemptions.

University of Delaware is now requiring staff to be vaccinated.

Really glad to see so many places starting to get on the bandwagon with vaxes now that we have real life proof of how much they are helping so many. May the trend continue and Covid become regulated to stories (eventually).

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I agree. But where I live it’s like it doesn’t exist. Restaurants packed. No masks. If you go to Costco you think 95% of people are vaccinated

How many more need to die.

I’m hopeful the college requirement will bring a surge and I hope exemptions are minimal and somehow health related if that’s possible. . Show me a religion that is against it ? It’s nonsense.


The best strategy it seems to avoid too many “ personal reason” exceptions is the masking and constant testing requirements. Even more than masking p, the testing is a major inconvenience and a reason several people I know who were opposed to the vaccine relented. Just too much hassle.