Colleges with Building Science

I’m looking for colleges with Building Science majors. So far, I’ve found
-Georgia Tech
-Texas A&M (Construction Science)
-Appalachian State

Is there any other schools out there? I would like to stay closer to Building Science than Construction Science.


Also…would Building/Construction Science be considered a “technology” program, like Civil Engineering Technology, or is Building/Construction Science it’s own field? I understand that a degree in this field generally does not qualify you for ABET PE accreditation, so I am just a little worried about job opportunities and “prestige” of the degree (for lack of better word).

Clemson has a strong Construction Science and Management program.

I can’t say that I know the differences, but Purdue has a Construction Engineering Management major.

Note that the actual programs can differ significantly.

For example, RPI’s program is an architecture-based program, although it is not an NAAB-accredited BArch program (which RPI also offers).

In contrast, the programs at Georgia Tech, Auburn, and Texas A&M are more like construction management programs.

Appalachian State’s program appears to be a mix of architecture and construction management, with some student options for emphasis.

USC’s program is civil engineering based, with some architecture courses. Note that it is covered under ABET accreditation for USC’s civil engineering programs.

In considering programs in Building Science or Construction Management, you should definitely consider geography. In state vs. out of state schools for tuition costs against what area of the country you would like to live and work after college. The programs you listed and the ones I list below all have strong recruitment departments but they are generally regional.

Others to consider

University of Florida
Colorado State University
Arizona State University