Colorado School of Mines Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Nothing heard for my son yet.

Still nothing for my son either and he applied the first day the application was open. All items on check list complete. Wondering when they will hear of acceptance? Last I checked for others on facebook, it was around October 15th so possibly this Friday? Tomorrow?? We shall see.


S22 attended Mines Virtual Open House today and they reiterated that those who had complete applications in by September 15 would hear by November 1. He liked the presentations and mentioned that Mines reminded him of WPI, which was one of his first visits and a school he liked very much.


Well Friday came and left so who knows. November 1st is a Monday so we shall see. I bet they will release some this Friday the 22nd maybe? Anyone heard yet? It’s interesting that so many colleges seem behind this year.

No word here yet.

I’m wondering if they are just going to release decisions all at once at the end of the month rather than weekly (considering there are only 2 more weeks left before Nov 1)

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My S22 also attended the virtual event this weekend. Obviously just a guess on my part, but the vibe I got listening to the responses about notification by Nov 1 did not seem to indicate that anything was coming out soon. I suspect that there will be one notification drop close to or on Nov 1 for the Sept 15 deadline individuals followed by rolling admissions afterward. Perhaps they received a higher number of applications with the Common App being added this year? With all of the information in each application, I imagine it takes a significant amount of time to give each kid a careful evaluation. Hopefully we can all start posting some good news on acceptance notifications soon. Good luck everyone.