Colorado School of Mines Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Colorado School of Mines offers Early Action for freshman admissions.

September 15: Priority I Application Deadline

  • Must receive a complete application + official or unofficial transcript on/before September 15, 2021
  • Admissions and merit scholarship decision sent by November 1, 2021

November 1: Priority II Application Deadline

  • Must receive a complete application + official or unofficial transcript on/before November 1, 2021
  • Admissions and merit scholarship decision sent by December 21, 2021

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Thanks so much for adding this! My son just sent in his application for the 9/15 EA deadline.


My kid will likely make the September 15th deadline. I’m wondering if you have any information on the amount of merit awarded.

Did your kids submit recommendations with their 9/15 EA application? Are they necessary for the 9/15 deadline? There is no way my child can get a teacher recommendation from his large public high school in the next two weeks. (Yes, he asked the teachers last spring and gave them brag sheets. Was told they don’t write recommendations over the summer and don’t get around to them until October/November).

From former threads I have seen that in state is somewhere between $1-5K per year and OOS is somewhere between $8(or 10?)-14K per year.

EDIT: There are other scholarships available, but these are just the basic merits that are automatically given upon acceptance.

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Yes, he did, but he ended up having to ask his teacher to get it done early and then have the teacher pull it out of Naviance and save it as a PDF so he could upload it as a supplement. Not ideal, and honestly if he had it to do over again he may have just skipped the LOR since it’s totally optional at Mines.

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Mine won’t have recommendations by the 15th. It’s the only way they could get an application in by such an early deadline.

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Just checking if anyone who has applied has received an email confirming receipt of completed app or has a checklist in their portal?

My son applied in mid-August (with all required documentation) and hasn’t received an email confirming that the application is complete and ready for review, but his friend who applied a few days before him has received one. Also, the portal refers to a checklist above the area where he uploaded additional documents, but there isn’t a checklist, just a blank space.

My kid just submitted in the nick of time! After they received confirmation that the submission was successful, there was a message that they would receive an email within 24 hours. I would call tomorrow and let them know your son hasn’t received an email. Maybe there was a glitch in the system back in August?

The first-year admissions FAQ now omits Priority Deadline I info but has this interesting tidbit:

Interesting that they removed the Priority 1 deadline, I wonder if they received more applications than they expected (or can handle) with such a tight turnaround for a decision?

I had my son check this morning before leaving for school… still no email, but his portal updated with a checklist that shows they have received the required documents, so I think everything is fine.