Columbia GS Fall 2020 Early Action/Regular Decision Thread

Hey all,

The application for Fall 2020 admission opens today so I thought why not start a thread.
Let’s share our application updates, decisions, and stats!

How much will my ACT/SAT scores affect my chances of admissions?

-3.5 GPA 70 credits
-ACT: 22

Hoping the best for everyone!

gpa- 4.7
I took IGCSE/IB exams for my first 2 years- took 10 both years
7 AP classes Senior year
4 AP classes Junior year
school average for AP classes is 1
I got a 33 in the act
applied ED to Columbia university for economics and math

Hi, everyone. I am trying to get my SAT scores, but it has been over 10 years since I took it. I don’t know my test date and registration number. (I lost the hardcopy of the report and I can’t seem to log on to college board account.)
So, I called them asked to get my archived scores. (cost me $31) BUT they said they may not be able to retrieve it. (Plus it will take 2 to 4 weeks to look for it.)

Do you think I should just take the Online general studies admissions exam?
If so, has anyone started to study for it? Or had taken it? I cannot seem to find any information online about the test. How is it comparable to the SATs?

mmm finally i have found the thread.

@WPbrand how long ago did you take the ACT and how long have you served?

Submitting my app today for the Jan 15 Priority deadline.


  • Veteran
  • Have been involved with programs at Morgan Stanley, Citi, and Goldman Sachs
  • 3.6 cumulative GPA
  • ~ 70 credits
  • Started an athletic club for veterans that has been growing to other uni’s
  • Involved in 3 other on-campus clubs

Weak areas:

  • Poor high school GPA
  • No ACT/SAT (will be taking the online GSAE)

Does anyone know the difference in decision rates for the “Priority” vs ED or Regular? I know all together it is ~35%, but I couldn’t find anything about the different timelines…

Submitted as 13 Jan 2020
In the same boat as you.
vet, 61 credit 4.0 gpa.
Sry i couldnt answer your question.

Does anyone know if you have to send in the official ACT before 15 Jan 2020 to get rated?
Because i have a red X next to the Test Score (ACT, SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, DUO, Online General Studies Admissions Exam)

I believe you have until next Tuesday to get that to them. You may want to contact Admissions though.

Your stats should be good enough for any of the application deadlines.

Hello everyone!
Submitted Early Action yesterday (last day).
Wanted to share my stats, would you all share yours?

School 1 GPA: 3.31 (24 credits)
School 2 GPA: 4.0 (40 credits)
Extracurricular: President of Active Minds, AGS honor society, Wellness Ambassador for CA Community Colleges, member of the National Student Advisory Board for Active Minds, GSA board member, ICC delegate.
SAT: Never took them, taking the GSAE next week
Letters of Rec: One from the Transfer Center Coordinator, one from my Club Adviser/Director of Student Judicial Affairs
Essay: answered the essay prompts, focused on specific programs offered at Columbia, and my work/volunteer experience since HS (2007-present)

Columbia is not my first choice (financially/I live in SoCal), but could not pass on this. If the stars line up, and financial aid/scholarships/grants make sense, I look forward to seeing some of you on campus next Fall!


I am planning on taking the GSAE next week.
From what I understand, there are three sections:
Writing: /300
Reading: /300
Essay: /8

Pulled that from the Spring thread on this Forum. There is some gold in there.

@corsair341 How did everything go with your GSAE? If you don’t mind me asking did you get your score?

From everything I have heard, they really do look at whole package. A 22 5 years ago where you have gotten As and high Bs in writing and math classes will probably have little impact. A 22 last year with no writing and math classes might be scrutinized a bit more, and you should speak about that in your essay.

@Humble12 Mine went well but I missed a really easy question (going to fast with the mouse) on one of the multiple choice tests, and because they are adaptive, that might have hurt me.

You don’t see your scores, but you briefly see a screen that shows your essay assessment. You have to google the WritePlacer scoring guide to see what the verbiage is for each score, but I scored a 7/8 “shows consistent mastery” on the essay. Considering there is no spell or grammar check, I assume my essay was fine with a few typos and grammar issues that bumped me down to a 7.

Not too worried about it because I think I had a pretty strong overall application anyway. If the deny me because of the GSAE (which I think they use for placement/assess that you have the basic quant and qual skills to at least make it through the intro courses, so-to-speak), then I will just retake it. It’s not hard at all, it’s just that all the pomp and circumstance with the proctor makes it a bit stressful. Just make sure you are comfortable and will be left alone for hours. I had to borrow a small room at a friend’s place as they came and went right outside the door, dog barking etc. I was traveling so didn’t have much choice.

@Study4life2 Here is how you get your scores. Go to In the box that requests your student ID # enter your application reference # located at the top right corner of your application. Do not use the CU # that you have received from Columbia via email. Simply just enter your application reference number and you will receive an email within two minutes displaying your GSAE scores. Let me know how you did. Good luck!

@ThePoorVeteran . Taking the GSAE is not a weak spot. I asked the director of admission directly during the event and he said something along the lines of “in fact the GSAE process was created for GS admissions” and that there was zero negative impact to taking it and it’s the easiest method. Wouldn’t recommend running out and taking the ACT and SAT if you don’t already have a score.

@Humble12 wow had no idea you could get a score report. I knew what I got on the essay (show you the verbiage associated with the numerical score right after test). Thought I screwed up an easy question on one of the multiple choice tests but actually got perfect scores on both!

If you don’t mind me asking, what is your score for reading and writing? You can PM me if you dont want to post here.

According to the page you showed me it says I got a 300 on both and a 7/8 on the essay.

For those that applied by the priority early action deadline for Fall 2020, has anyone received an email confirming a decision by March 1st?