Columbia GS Fall 2021 Early/Regular Decision Thread

Saw there wasn’t a thread for this so I went ahead and made one. Any other priority early action applicants here?

Keep trying, man. Finish your app early this time! I got in for Spring 2021! I am so happy but so scared at the same time. I really, really don’t want f*ck up this time around. I will never take college for granted again :pray:

Congratulations! I am happy that you were able to get in. I hope you enjoy CS there! I submitted my app pretty early this time around (mid-december). Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll see you there!

Hello! Early international applicant here :smiley: Sending good vibes your way, I also submitted my application in mid-December, yet I only managed to submit my essay recently. Hoping to hear back soon!

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Sending good vibes to you, too. I hope we both hear back soon! I submitted my essay on the 18th, so I’m approaching the one month mark. The deadline to hear our response is March 1st, but I received a response for my Spring application about one month after submitting it. I think we may end up getting a decision some time soon then!

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Hey! good look everyone! I submitted my PEA application on the 15th

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to know if submitting the application for the priority early action makes a difference? I am planning to submit mine late January

Here are my stats:

3.96/4.0 CC GPA (36 credits)

TOEFL Score: 109/120

Compelling personal story

Worked at an art gallery for several years in my country of origin, and now I work at a mental health institution in NYC.

Volunteer as a translator at a non-profit that provides legal help for undocumented folks looking for political asylum.

Haven’t taken the GSAE, but the person I spoke on the phone with told me that not taking it wouldn’t affect my application since I am an international student and my toefl scores were pretty good.

I was planning on submitting my application before January 15th but one of the teachers that was supposed to write a letter for me flaked on me last minute.

Whatcha guys think, do i have a chance?

Thank you and best of luck to everyone! :slight_smile:

You sound like a great candidate! If I was a betting man, I’d bet that you have a high chance of admission.

I got an email today from Columbia GS just confirming that I submitted my application (even though I submitted a month ago). It also says that it’s “ready for review.” Did anyone else get this?

Yes! I did too, did they also mention the decision date? Mine was pretty specific, yet I do not know if it is standard, maybe? Pretty excited to hear back from GS!

Yeah, in my email they mentioned the decision date deadline that they provide on their admissions page

Nice! Do you think we could possibly receive a decision earlier, though?

Yeah, I believe they usually give out decisions earlier for those who applied earlier.

Hey thank you! Fingers crossed

I’ve seen so many great applicants in previous forums that were not able to get in, so I’m still pretty nervous.

What concerns me a little bit is the fact that I missed the priority early action deadline. Does that make a difference at all? I am planning to submit mine by January 27th.

Yeah I actually applied last semester and didn’t get in. I had applied on the last day of the regular decision pool, so I was as late as it gets. Hopefully I have better luck this time.

Some people say that applying early doesn’t increase your chances, but I feel that applying earlier is generally better than applying very late. Jan 27th is still pretty early so I think you’re good!

Anyone know what the acceptance rate was for Spring 2021 or Fall 2020?

I’m not sure about Spring 2021, but I think the acceptance rate for Fall 2020 was 35%-ish

@bluethinker Where did you get that number? I can never find stats on this

I literally just Googled it and it took me to the stats page from GS :eyes: Maybe you can try and tell me if something different pops up as I am not 100% sure that data is accurate

Quick question: does any of you know if Columbia GS conducts interviews?

I would also like to know this!

Also a heads up to everyone, I think Columbia releases most updates and decisions on Wednesdays!