Columbia/SciencesPo Fall of 2021 admission

Hey y’all! I figured that since a discussion for this year’s admission cycle for the Dual BA program hasn’t been made yet, I’d create one!


Hey, I actually got into the Dual BA program this year but took a gap year so I’ll be class of 2025. Let me know if you have any questions!

Hey! I applied for the program yesterday before 11:59pm in my local time zone, which is ahead of ET timezone, so I think my application went through. However, I wanted to ask has anyone received an email from Columbia about the Identification number yet?

Hi @orbarella yes I received an ID number!

Hi everybody! Totally into this program.

Hi @DanHsuan, do you mean the Reference Number in the portal, or is this some other ID number? Thanks

@DanHsuan if you don’t mind me asking, when did you submit your application and when did you receive your ID number?

@AnnikenX after submitting the application, columbia should send you a separate email including your ID number to track your application status in their admissions portal. I still haven’t received it, making me worried that something went wrong with my application

@orbarella I’m still waiting for one teacher to submit their rec, so maybe that’s why

Which campus did you apply to? And yes, it’s the Reference Number in the portal. It was sent to my email a few seconds after I clicked submit.

Maybe send an email to the dual-ba and check your spam.

Hi @DanHsuan,

Yes, a reference number did appear in the portal when I submitted, but not sure I got an email about it.

I am applying to Reims, how about you?

@DanHsuan oh right that one I received in the portal too, but i also got an email shortly after submitting the online application which said “Please note that once your application has been processed you will receive an email with your Columbia University Identification number.”

For one I haven’t gotten this email and I’m also not sure this is the same as the reference number in my portal?

@orbarella what campus are you applying to?

@AnnikenX Reims!

I’m applying to Le Havre

@GSTourGuides I saw your very helpful involvement on the 2020 admission thread. It would be awesome if you could join us here too :slight_smile:

Which campus will you be at?

Just got a CUID today!

@DanHsuan me too! just took a bit of emailing xdd

me too, yesterday, but just saw it