Columbia Transfer Fall 2020 WAITLIST

Hey guys! I thought this thread might be helpful for those who applied to transfer to Columbia for Fall 2020 but got waitlisted. We can share advice about what we’re doing to navigate this process and update each other about when Columbia notifies us?!

hey, thanks for the thread - i’ve been looking for one!

@meninaeidethea no problem! i was also looking but there weren’t so i guess i could make one. Are you writing a LOCI?

hey I submitted mine two days ago. Does anyone know the ins and out of waitlist for transfer. What are the chances of us getting off. I heard cover makes it easier to get off the waitlist.

I heard from someone and that person said “likely will depend completely on the students that were accepted as transfers and how many of them decline the spot”

My friend currently at columbia said many students are considering taking a year off because of covid. Would that increase our chances?

@chubbyguppy I’m assuming, yeah.

Finally found the right thread. I’m on the same boat. I think the yield rate for Columbia this year will decrease, so I do think that we still have a chance getting off the waitlist. Where are you guys applying from? I’m applying from a Top 30 college.

@ps3809 top 40 college !

Are a lot of people waitlisted?

not sure. i’d like to know how many applied too!

I don’t think a lot of people are waitlisted since we are the ones directly considered if spaces become available. We do have chances though.

@ps3809 Univ. FL! I also imagine that yield may decrease but I feel as though Columbia anticipated it and waitlisted more people.

Hey are y’all addressing your LOCIs to your specific admissions officers?

@breezycola I just said Dear Columbia Admissions Committee

I don’t think there’s a lot of people waitlisted either. Some of my friends who applied from top 20 colleges and have 4.0 GPAs were rejected directly…This is what I read from a source…

In 2019, Columbia received 2761 transfer applicants, and accepted 168 transfers students. Of the 168 students who got accepted, 132 students enrolled. Therefore, the yield rate is 78.57%.

We may not hear decisions soon, but I do believe there’s still hope. Hang in there!

Does anyone know how many transfer student got accepted this year?

sorry for the late reply - yes, I’m writing a LOCI! i haven’t submitted yet, though.

do y’all know if submitting the LOCI earlier is preferable compared to waiting until the 27th to send it?

Hi, I’m a waitlisted international student here! Are you sending the transcript to Columbia with the LOCI? I was worried because I pass/fail some courses due to COVID.