Columbia University Science Honors Program ENTRANCE EXAMINATION

Hi everyone to those who want to join the discord you can join this link itself ( hopefully it works if it doesnt contact the people above just in case) https://■■■■■■■■■■/a2P97Z7Pqg

whoops just realised i meant discord server

for anyone who has taken the test before: do the later test dates have harder tests? or is it all the same test?

Hey 2021 test takers! How was the test for you all?

Does anyone know when the results will come?

Hey everyone. The 2021 SHP admission cycle is over, and the other server is a little crazy… lol. Here’s the new invitation that(hopefully) will be cleaner.

Hi all,

To returning students of the SHP program, have y’all received any news or info yet about the 2021-2022 school year? In the last email sent by SHP, it was stated that all students in good standing with attendance will be invited back. However, I have still not received any information/emails even though my attendance should be okay. Has anyone else received any information they can let me know about?


Hello, I am a freshman applying for the Columbia University SHP. Is the hard math test comparable with the AMC 10? Also wanted to know what the science topics were on the test as well.

shp student here! yes, the hard math is comparable with AMC 10 problems.

do we know when the application comes out?

hey do you know when the application will most likely come out around?

To be honest, I am wondering if the test will be in May or July. Was it just last year that it was in July - or is it always that date.


uh so im apply this year and i wanted to know if any of u guys had advice about the test cuz im pretty scared. I won’t lie, I’m not that smart, but rather, pretty mediocre. I’ll list a couple stats if it helps…anyways, don’t hesitate to reach out to me- literally any help is welcome

i’m a freshmen and i’ve heard that theres a large curve but I don’t want to go into the test relying on it

as for classes ive take I currently take honors biology(not great at it but i have a 96) and math wise I’m doing honors Alg II/Trig currently. As for AMC math, I’ve seen the question types, haven’t really done most of them before, but ive heard from others that those come with practice. as for the other sciences I dont have any solid background in chem, physics or enviornmental sciences other than anything i might remember from middle school

anywyas pls help ;-;

Hi can someone add me on discord
port#0002 i really want to get into the program and if someone would be able to help me create a plan up until the test (June 6th) That would be awesome

around what range of questions 1-15?

Hi everyone, has anyone gotten information about when the test dates will be?