Columbia University Science Honors Program ENTRANCE EXAMINATION

for anyone who has taken the test already this year - how was it? i’m not as worried about the math sections as i am about the science section so any feedback on that would be great

Hey, does anyone know if there is a wrong answer penalty this year?

hey there- i havent taken the test yet but from what ive heard its a lot of repeat questions from prior years just with diff values i wouldnt worry too much on what you havent covered because, due to the penalty as well, the chances of getting the question wrong are way to high to justify it. then again i’m a freshmen so i’m also extremely reliant on the curve.

i think there is but i didnt see it in the email…? i read in the thread that some ppl think its just a placebo effect in order to prevent guessing but i wouldnt rely on it

yeah, i read in the thread that in 2020, there was no penalty, but im not sure how reliable that is

yeah i feel like if there was it would be mentioned somewhere tho…im guessing itll be in the test instructions.

also how is this test going to be administered wihtout a proctor? idk i just found it odd-

its an online test, so i think there will be a timer to track how long we take, but there isnt really a way to stop cheating…

does anyone have any possible info about what the test is like this year? im mainly worried about the hard math section and the depth of sciences like chemistry and physics

from what ive heard, the challenge math is similar to the amc 8/10, and im not sure about the science

i rly hope ppl dont cheat because if theyre not detected its a major unfair advantage; ppl who havent cheated and do decent may not get accepted

for the hard math scroll up theres a lot of examples from past tests

same its just making the benchmark higher- i think they’re only watching browser activity which lowkey sucks cus its so lax

how are you guys studying for phys and chem?

to whoever didn’t already take it ^^

i didnt take it yet so im not gonna try to study all of it in one day- im gonna focus on the hard math sections

how hard is the first math level? is there stuff like complex trig and matrices and quartiles?

and how in-depth are the probability questions on it?