Columbia x Trinity Dublin Dual BA 2025

Hi! I thought I would start a chain for this program to see if anyone else applied and to keep up with when decisions come out.

Good luck to everyone with interview invitations coming out in a month or so!


Hi there! I applied to the Dual BA for Art History. I’m super nervous already as the program is my first choice.
Good luck to everyone!! :smiley:

Me too! I applied for the film/film & media studies major

Thanks for making this! I am applying to the philosophy major :slight_smile:

I see on Instagram (columbiatcd2025) that some people have been accepted already??? I thought invitations for interviews were not being sent out until early Feb with actual interviews being held in late Feb. Have I got the dates wrong? My son still hasn’t heard anything…

update - I just spoke with the admissions office who confirmed interview invitation letters would be going out mid Feb.

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I saw that too! I was guessing that maybe they got in last year and decided to defer for a year because of covid ?? Also, if you want you can send me your instagram and i can add you to a gc for the program!

Hi, I applied for History… Good luck to all!!

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I applied for MEELC! Does anyone know if certain majors are more competitive? It seemed like there are a few really popular ones (meelc, european studies, neuro)

@cabeachgirl made a gc for the program - If you’d like to talk we could add you :slight_smile: dm me your insta if you’re interested!

Does anyone know if our interview decisions will be in the portal or whether they’ll just email us with it?

I think it is an email invitation!

Got an interview for Neuroscience/Biomed via email. Good luck to everyone!

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I also got an interview! Super excited but a little nervous!


I also got an interview!! Dm me your Instagram if you’d like to be added to a gc :))


Hello! I got an interview for the program but I can’t seem to DM bc I just made my account today.

Congrats to everyone who has begun to receive an invitation to interview! I am a current first year in the Dual BA program and thought I would jump on here and offer to answer any questions you might have. I know how helpful it was for me applying last year to have current students I could reach out too. So I thought I would return the favor here :slight_smile:


thanks so much!! i know that ur not allowed to change ur major, but are u allowed to double major at columbia or no? i’m doing film and media studies if it makes a difference at all

I got an interview for history yesterday! So excited. Has anyone from previous years done the interview. What is it like?

So at Columbia you can’t double major though you do have the option of doing a concentration. A concentration is what Columbia calls a minor. It is easier in some degrees than others to do a concentration which is why not everyone does them. So for example; if you were doing Film you could have a concentration in screen writing. Due to the nature of the Dual BA though your concentration would need to be related to the degree you are pursuing, so a History major can’t just get a concentration in chemistry.

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